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Bohemian Classic

Beautiful crystal chandeliers have always been a sign of high style and good taste. This chandelier will emphasize the dignity of every interior and submit it to the owner at its best. Dr Jee Hyun Kim oftentimes addresses this issue. In order to not only decorate, but also look dignified and respectable. In Minsk, you can get a great crystal chandelier chandelier or in our store. Variety of designs of crystal chandeliers from the Czech companies to satisfy even the most sophisticated clients – at We always have plenty to choose from.

We are working with design studios, construction companies, offices and service providers on interior design – we offer our products to wholesale and retail. Visit our dedicated store, you will realize how rich the world of lamps and fixtures, a huge variety of designs we are ready to offer you. How large crystal chandeliers and bronze light fixtures, and more democratic options present in our proposal. In our store the products of Czech companies Preciosa, Bydzov, Elite Bohemia, ArtGlass. All chandeliers are refined design, different size and power, so that you can choose to have exactly the product that suited to the interior of a room and meet your taste. If you are concerned about the quality of crystal chandeliers in our store, you can be sure – they are all excellent quality and will last you a long time.

We are working only with reputable manufacturers who have earned a good name in the world of crystal chandeliers and other lighting devices, so they can be trusted. If you like quality products, but do not want to pay extra money – our company is what you need. With us is to deal with, we never let our customers. You’ll really like how our products and our level of service. We find for each client individual approach, so none of us are not ignored. Crystal chandelier will look great in a classical setting. But do not forget about the technical standards, experts say the optimal capacity of 100 W for every 5 meters!. All chandeliers and wall lamps, floor lamps, table lamps, and much more can be viewed on our website. Background! Ordering information Czech chandeliers from the company Preciosa: Let us consider a concrete example: S 0524/00/09 1) The first letter designates the type A chandelier with horns lyusiry W-wall T – Table Lamp C – chandelier-polukorziny B – Chandeliers-Baskets P – chandeliers without horns F – light fixtures 2) The second letter denotes the category of S – Crystal Symphony C – Bohemian Classic E – Enamel Romance L – Light Elegance M – Maria Theresa B – Brilliant R – Royal Heritage 3) 1st group of numbers represents a model number 4) 2nd group of numbers indicates the number of variants of crystal pendants 5) third group of numbers – number of bulbs we get that parsed in the example is the chandelier chandelier-polukorzina from the collection Bohemian Classic 0524 from suspension-type light bulbs 00 to 9 Ordering information chandeliers from the Czech firm Elite Bohemia: It is much simpler.

Furniture. Perfect Interior Of Your Home

Home. Well might prove more useful for all of us? Our House – a veritable fortress, comfort and security of our lives. The beauty of the space where all, without exception, produced specifically for us. Yet the present structure does not include too much chance to offer a truly personalized space for life. Minimalism in the space can not affect the experiences that every of us are coming into the apartment. In addition, often classical furniture, which is offered on the market, actually more substantial in size, rather than be able to fit your apartment. But in closets, cabinets and tables – it's not fancy, but significant need.

And only in the manufacture of furniture to order we can guarantee not only the presence of all the necessary furniture in the house, but also a sufficient living space, which must remain on After installation is all furniture. Here, cardiologist expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Various companies offer furniture, but not all of them are able to provide exactly what you want. After all, different designers own ideas about attractiveness and comfort. Selecting for a company that manufactures furnishings, think first – and what specifically could be perfect furniture for your home. Not one that can fit on limited space, but one that was to the liking. It is even possible that the cherished dream will come true in the state.

Because as an experienced designer will find certainly the most convenient connection between production capabilities and desires of the customer. For example, the beds are created with a maximum margin of comfort and that their parameters are calculated in this way to the bedroom and in the afternoon turned out nice and comfortable, and did not have to crawl in the literal meaning of the phrase "along the wall." Naturally, the complete combination of the ideal and the real project is unrealistic. However, to achieve optimal results in getting a cherished dream stylist at large obliged. In addition, the manufacture of furniture for personal order, there is a chance to choose the best materials, their colors and the like. And even in a small bathroom is quite possible to draw up all in such a way as you want. Main – correctly pick up furniture for bathrooms. In the case of bathroom and really become comfortable and attractive. Every person on account of the needs required to immediately think about the extent to which it will be successful house, how beautiful and convenient. When choosing a company that is engaged in manufacturing furniture, pay attention to objects that she once met. It is very likely that this is where you find your furniture dreams. It has long been finished and engineered. At the same time unique and not able to walk on the standard models, you can see in the store.

Wardrobe Doors

Now no one smite a case-compartment in his room, because it is due to such products remains high free area, as well as develop a sense of perfect order in our room. Achieved this of saved space by sliding the system that placed the cabinet door coupe. Moreover similar doors are not limited in width as a conventional hinged doors cabinets. Compartment cabinet is a cabinet furniture with pretty impressive practical internal value. Wardrobe allows more profitably accommodate place apartments, in particular, niche, because he always made to order. A similar, wardrobe, I suppose, would be more accessible than usual corps cabinet, since he would probably do without walls (built-in wardrobe). Homologous cabinet saves much more space in the room, because its installation does not one must place additional. For example, if you have a small room, such a cabinet would be simply an indispensable part of the situation.

Due to its spaciousness, you can always put it on the shelves of your clothes, shoes, other things in the wardrobe is not forming an impression of chaos. Maybe adjust the size and internal structure of the cabinet for your necessities and desires. In general, the choice is up to the mezzanine and cabinet doors with mirrored facades with hangers for blankets of different seasons, shelves for shoes and bags and sections for the other. There is also a chance to order the cabinet with protruding upper lid, which will be adapted bulbs. Now from abundance of materials for the manufacture of the cabinet for the system user has the ability to choose what you want. At your discretion, the manufacturer may give you a treatment of natural veneer and particle board. Themselves directly doors can also be produced in different variations, they can be either hinged or sliding, as well as deaf or glazed (SLR).

In the state, if the most compelling factor comes savings Space, here is a variation of the most successful compartment cabinet with sliding doors. The system of sliding doors will save precious space and apartments to ensure not to the detriment of comfort and convenience. When decorating the doors use, for example, whether or tinted glass, standard or fine, except that may be different combination of these materials. Door wardrobe, what is unsatisfactory or open closed could damage the best product, because it should be paid great attention to the system that are designed sliding doors and is no less true, to mount it. Most makers of cabinets give preference system sliding doors and also stop personal choice on different attributes their chosen company. In the modern market systems for doors wardrobes in the current period are two varieties – this systems with steel or aluminum guideways. Most expensive are cupboards with aluminum system because they more modern and lungs. Aluminium how known easier steel therefore thereof erected more secure and easy-doors with the same dimensions as compared with steel. Compartment doors on cabinets with aluminum system would be better and will last much long. Made on the conscience of a wardrobe to be place anywhere in the home or private home be it a hall, childish, living room, bedroom or office. By adding your own wardrobe can fit wherever not fit the typical cabinet furniture. Sliding doors are indispensable in the tiny apartment, saving small rooms. Before ordering wardrobe should make measurements and take into account the features of interior home, where will be installed on this cabinet. All closets performed on individual assignments.