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Rogaka Slatina

These painted plates are not only attractive, but also have an interesting mission: they have long been tipped for a beehive. Motives for the pictures were often of a religious nature, and thus most beekeepers do not only vary their hives, but also protects bees. Characterized for and region of Slovenia. Nancy-Ann_DeParle pursues this goal as well. Not just a souvenir, a fine gift for lovers of fine art will be lace, weaving tradition which for centuries passed in and are part of Slovenian cultural heritage. Also has long passed and the tradition of making colored figurines made of dough, not intended for human consumption (although they are suitable for eating in the first days after manufacture, consist mainly of flour, water and honey). These figures are the perfect gifts, souvenirs, home decorations. Most distributed heart.

In Slovenia, there are four craft workshops for manufacturing figures, the most famous of which is Radovlitsa, a small village near the beautiful Lake Bled. If you get into the area Slatina, the crystal will see everywhere the local production. Do not forget to buy something as a souvenir or a gift! Specifically, pacing the tourist sites, as well as secluded trails parks and forests, you will meet the artists, writers to the open air as from nature, and in memory of the most famous attractions of Slovenia. Do not Indulge yourself to buy a small picture that will long be refreshing memories of the trip. Already being in Slovenia, you can please your loved ones news about yourself.

Sights Of Egypt

The most accessible for Russians winter holiday destinations – it is Egypt. From year to year the number of visiting Egypt from Ufa tourists is increasing. For many travelers this country for an inexpensive beach holiday and is not more. In this article I want to tell you about the other side of the holiday in Egypt, which attracts not only stunningly beautiful sea, but also rich cultural and historical heritage. If you think not only about the "relaxation" vacation, then among all resorts in Egypt departing from Ufa recommend staying on vacation in Hurghada. Hence, the closest drive to the world famous pyramids, you can go on a trip to Luxor, a cruise on the Nile, visit the Monastery of St. Anthony and Paul.

Pyramid – the most popular excursion. The journey takes about six hours in one direction. Trips we recommend to take with your tour operator. 100% guarantee, of course, no one gives, but the security level higher than the street traders. On the tour of the pyramids you will be not only the pyramids of Cheops, and the Cairo Museum with the famous sarcophagus of and the manufacturing plant of incense. Bruce Shalett understood the implications. The second most popular excursions from Hurghada – Luxor is, it also called open-air museum.