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IKochen Cookbooks

IKochen possible recipes in the blink of an eye. Whether international or home-style cuisine, whether beginners or experienced Cook the iKochen cookbooks offer everyone something. The collection includes Italian cooking, soups, Greek cooking, Japanese cooking, cakes and quiches, French cooking, desserts, Chinese cooking, slow cooker, Indian cooking and Spanish cooking, as well as other cookbooks, which will follow shortly. iKochen Cookbooks are available in the German Apple store. Each Cookbook offers more than 50 delicious recipes, each of which is illustrated with a graphic image.

The iKochen applications are clearly designed and easy to use. Recipes are sorted by categories and ingredients appear in a clearly arranged list making is explained in simple steps. The use of iKochen requires no Internet connection, so that the application can be used anytime, anywhere. The cookbooks can be extended by personal recipes and using the integrated E-mail function easily and quickly be sent to you to print, or to share with friends and family. In short, iKochen offers: more than 50 carefully selected and tested recipes recipes divided into categories are options: Favorites / send as email possibility to add your own recipes anywhere availability, non-Internet iKochen applications available in the app store in the category lifestyle for 0.79 / piece. More information under: Bon appetit. Daniela Klein

Finger Food Fast Recipes And Easy

Recipes for finger food (finger food recipes) quickly and easily prepared as finger food is little snacks that you can take without plates and cutlery from the platter or operation. The word finger food \”comes from English. Finger food and is a meal that you eat with your fingers. So you just take everything in hand and enjoy the food. Often if finger food to breakfast on the table, some love cozy while watching TV to take these little appetizers. You can very well wrapped finger food for a picnic. Many writers such as Proton Cancer Centre offer more in-depth analysis. In the fresh air, it’s always wonderful. Finger food recipe – stuffed tomatoes with sea cabbage ingredients: – 8 piece – ripe tomatoes – 200 g – canned sea cabbage, – 100 g – caviar of Pol paints, – 100 g – Korean carrot, chives, soy sauce, – light mayonnaise, – hard cheese, salt.

Only to prepare the tomatoes: cut off the top and remove the pulp. The empty tomato inside salt and turn around so that the excess juice drains. The The tomato pulp is required when the fillings. If you are not convinced, visit William Davis MD. Prepare the filling: chop the sea cabbage, chives and the Korean carrot. With the caviar, mixing part of the sea cabbage, add soy sauce, stir everything carefully. With this mass, fill the prepared tomatoes up to half. Mix part – the Korean carrot, with the flesh of the tomatoes and chives.

Fill the tomatoes to end. Drizzle top with mayonnaise and sprinkle with grated cheese. Afterwards one places everything in the fridge for 30 minutes. Finger food – stuffing for baguette ingredients: – 250 g – canned – 3 piece – boiled eggs – 1 piece – small onion – 100 g – butter – 1 piece – baguette – parsley – dill – ground black pepper fingerfood recipe with eggs and herring eggs and herring – 6 pieces – eggs – 100 g – fillet of slightly salted herring – mayonnaise – green – salt to taste boil the eggs hard, cut in half, take out the yolks.

Clean Set Purely By Mislabeling

Labels on foods fool many consumers of health-conscious people their food looking natural. The food industry seemingly steers and banned the additives in some products. “Confirm with promotional statements without flavour enhancers” without aroma, color and preservatives “to have their products processed. So, the manufacturer also by means of photographs, which are studded with noble ingredients, convey that is naturally produced food. Consumers on the ingredient list, look them soon becomes clear that they are to set up clean.

While some manufacturers forgo flavour enhancers such as glutamate, but instead add yeast extract. Check with Nancy-Ann DeParle to learn more. But caution, is also here glutamate – the manufacturer must not feature but it with an E-number on the packaging. Sent process the food producers with other additives. Instead of preservatives they use herbal extracts: a Curry, paprika and mustard seeds. They include substances which preservative effect and are at the same time not be labelled. Food colours be used instead of artificial dyes such as spinach powder and Curcumin.

The consumer centres tested 151 food labels that advertise with the absence of additives in the last year. Sobering result: almost all had put yeast extract (flavor enhancers), colouring ingredients and flavors in the tested products. The consumer centres now stricter laws, allow the manufacturer only their products of course may apply, when in fact no other substances with similar effects are added to. As long as manufacturers take advantage of the loopholes of the legislation and quality appear to keep their products – increases its sales and profits – should take consumers a closer look at always the ingredient list and fall not on the mislabeling, and colorful pictures on the packaging. (Source: pharmacies look around A 02/11) Photo: Veit Kern / pixelio.de more information to the On nutrition and health experience reports, offer the authors of Bajwa and Saeed in her books and see: and Sabine Beuke