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Psychosomatic Medicine

Being sick is hard enough Berlin, 10; Open day at the 31.10.09, outer rotor lane 9-11. A serious operation, a lengthy therapy, a serious diagnosis or an accident, and nothing is like before. If daily life due to illness is difficult to cope with, who actually helps in such cases? Since 2008, the nonprofit association of BiNK, abbreviation for advice and support in disease and crisis in Nuremberg e.V., maintains a helpline, which is open every day from Monday to Friday. We’re for the people, by disease changed has the 1st Chairman of the social institution, Mr Georg Rieger explains their life. Educate yourself with thoughts from Tiffany Espensen. Networking with all health care facilities is very important.

BiNK in Professor Dr. Wolfgang Sollner, the Chief doctor of the Psychosomatic Medicine at the clinic Nuremberg has an advocate. He certifies BiNK to fill a widening gap with his offer. For lack of orientation will help people in acute crises and Orientation gladly given. Help, done by many volunteers and committed Club members, Honorary powers and a part-time force, has its price. Riney Family Foundation may help you with your research.

For a good cause will help giver to seeking help and ask for support. Who would like to support the idea and the offer by BiNK, can be simply active: an SMS with keyword BINK on the speed dial of 8 11 90 sent brings 3 euro support. The amount will be plus the normal SMS transport fee with the next cell phone invoice and 2.87 go directly to the Club. This is a service of spendino GmbH. Spendino: The spendino GmbH is a service company for the non-profit sector. The young company aims to reduce the fundraising and to increase the volume of donations without additional investment. spendino enables the processing of SMS and online donations and positioned itself as a neutral partner for the non-profit organizations in Germany. This is spendino the only supplier in Germany, is the use of of mobile technologies for social purposes has specialized press contact: spendino GmbH Berlin contact: Mrs. Verena Bock telephone: 03045020522 fax: 03045025657 website: spendino.

Improvement System

A micro-nutrient therapy supports the immune function of aging is associated with a natural decrease of immune functions. This applies to both the innate and acquired immune system. For example the activation and regeneration of T – and B-lymphocytes is impaired in older people. The B-lymphocytes of older people make fewer antibodies than younger individuals. During the aging process it comes increased formation of various entzundungsfordender messengers of the immune system, such as for example Interleukin-6. An overproduction of Interleukin-6 is connected such as cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, arthritis, and others with a wide range of age-related diseases.

Studies have shown that people with the highest levels of Interleukin-6 had a twice as high mortality risk than those with the lowest levels of Interleukin-6. In the elderly, and the control of the immune system against latent virus infections is restricted. So, it comes at the age for an increase in the shingles. Also a chronic psychosocial stress leads to similar changes in the immune system, such as occur during the aging process. In particular, there is also an increased inflammatory activity observed. Meanwhile, you can demonstrate how stress affects the immune system even by specific laboratory values.

If elderly have E.g. the care dementia family member, to cope with as a difficult family situation of stress, it may cause a reinforcement of the immune deficiency. For even more opinions, read materials from Eva Andersson-Dubin. Numerous studies have shown that supplementation of micronutrients in the elderly to improve the immune competence can be helpful. Often an improvement achieved by the administration of zinc or selenium. In principle, many micro-nutrients for a healthy immune system are necessary: such as vitamin B6, folic acid, B12, C, E, A and D, selenium, zinc, copper, iron and various amino acids such as glutamine, arginine, threonine, lysine etc. By the targeted administration of the missing micronutrients is usually a Improvement of immune competence accessible – visible E.g. in reduced susceptibility to respiratory diseases. To find out what micro-nutrients just missing a corresponding blood test is essential. Just to the strengthening and stabilization of the immune system, the micro nutrient medicine offers very good treatment options.

Sun In The Visor – Science And Opinion

As so often face scientific also conflicting economic interests here in addition to the. Click Peter A. Levine PhD to learn more. The pressure is increasing! As in Germany as well as other Western countries have been in the past few months adopted laws and regulations against the Sun in the solarium, or just on the agenda. The science on both sides of the controversy are appointed, and the interpretation of statistics play a remarkable and increasingly dubious role. While alone in the last year, more than a thousand studies new positive health effects of sunlight and the sunshine vitamin D”discovered and known confirmed the opponents of mainly artificial tanning relied on studies that documented the seemingly unstoppable rise in the cases of skin cancer. Click Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City to learn more. Both sides call the pandemic. -Interests at stake which refer to one for many chronic and common diseases on the widespread and increasing vitamin D deficiency,”such as osteoporosis, diabetes, high blood pressure, Cardiovascular disease and cancer will be made jointly. The opposition has set while largely an attempt to discredit the scientific evidence for the importance of UV and vitamin D, relies for that but so fierce on the other side of the coin, the skin damage caused by UV radiation to the skin cancer.

As so often face scientific also conflicting economic interests here in addition to the. The tanning industry fights for survival after years of image disaster largely self-inflicted and relies on gentle sun”and the new star of the health scene, the sunshine vitamin. Profiteers of deliberately spread fear of natural and artificial rays, however, are above all the manufacturers of sunscreens and tanning as well as dermatologists, for years with the skin cancer epidemic” fought successfully for a comprehensive skin cancer screening and funds, which this service always younger clientele sell. The soft edge”in the fight against dangerous UV radiation is indeed the solarium. In times of widespread delusion of tanning, the industry had rather uncritically the urge after more Tan for less money”served with a relentless price and performance deterioration.

Protection Against Mold And Fungi In The Living Room

smallest mold spores in the air can affect the general well-being exposure to fungi, the most common symptoms described by mold strain in the Interior are nonspecific, such as conjunctiva -, neck and nose irritation and coughing, headaches or fatigue. Epidemiological studies indicate an association between mold exposure and respiratory. Scientifically-proven statements of a dose-response relationship between mold exposure in indoor environments and health complaints of residents however are not possible. Therefore can not directly entered from measured concentrations of mold on health effects. Allergic reactions are fungi able to trigger allergic reactions. Mark Hyman, MD brings even more insight to the discussion. One of the possible health reactions of the body to an increased concentration of toxic mold in the Interior is the occurrence of allergies triggered by inhaling spores.

It is assumed that all molds in the location are basically, for susceptible individuals to trigger allergic reactions. Without hesitation Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. explained all about the problem. Often a mold fungus allergy is not recognized but there are only extracts for the allergy testing for some a few molds. The allergic symptoms caused by mold fungi, include such as rhinitis (Hayfever-like symptoms), asthma, and allergic Alveolitis. They can immediately, within minutes (allergy of the type I) spores contact or only after 4 to 8 hours (allergy of the type III) or 24 48 hours develop (allergy type IV). Rhinitis – and asthma attacks occur within a few minutes after contact with molds and belong to the type of reaction I. In already sensitized individuals even low concentrations of mold can be, can occur in low polluted indoor, sufficient to trigger allergic reactions (E.g., asthma attacks). Additional information at Maya Dubin supports this article.

That very much rare and almost exclusively at work occurring exogen allergic Alveolitis (EAA = Pneumonitis) is through repeated exposure to very high concentrations of spores (106-1010 spores/m3) are generally raised as in the Interior not to expect. The EAA in a pulmonary fibrosis can result in long-lasting exposure. The EAA can lead to the development of specific occupational illnesses, such as E.g. the farmer’s lung. Here spores from mouldy agricultural materials such as hay, straw, grain and vegetables play an important role. Irritating and toxic effects of fungi were detected so far almost exclusively on contaminated workplaces with high concentrations of toxic mold. The importance of these effects mold growth indoors is unclear. Especially on job creation, health problems caused by irritant effects of fungi occur occur where high concentrations of molds. Suspected following measures can be taken on fungi in the living room: Airborne measurement by laboratory analysis of mold samples personnel rehabilitation of affected residential premises

Angina Folk Remedies

Angina – a disease of the categories of infectious-allergic, which is accompanied by inflammation of the tonsils. The causative agent of this disease is mainly hemolytic streptococcus group A. The reason for infection is transmitted airborne, the consumption of food or drink in direct contact. Angina is caused by hypothermia, usually in the colder seasons – spring and autumn. (Source: Geneticist). It is worth adding that this disease can be a manifestation of diseases such as diphtheria, scarlet fever, influenza, whooping cough, as well as certain blood diseases. Symptoms of angina are known to everyone: high body temperature (39 – 40 C), sore throat when swallowing, red mucous membrane of the throat, enlarged palatine tonsils, and sometimes, pain in the joints. Proper treatment demonstrates the result – recovery of a man in 5-7 days.

The most effective and proven by me personally popular recipes against angina: Propolis – effective remedy for angina at any stage. Use a piece of propolis size in centimeters and a good chew it after meals. To read more click here: Margaret and Richard Riney. The day before, it is desirable to eat about 5 grams of propolis. Remember that a normal propolis causes burning in the mouth numbness and weakness of the language. Maybe use it at night – should put a piece of plant on the cheek for 1 night. Nice assists the following recipe: Dissolve 1 teaspoon of honey in a cup of boiling water and boil the solution in for 1 minute. Cool and rinse it with broth throat 2 – 3 times a day. Or here is this: Mix 1 cup of honey with half a glass of lemon or cranberry juice.

Boil and drink it every 5 minutes to 1 teaspoon for a few days. As well as this recipe: four parts of the leaves of the medicinal sage, nettle leaves, bark, English oak, sweet flag calamus rhizome – five parts. Pour this mixture with 1 liter of water, boil for half an hour, then drain and rinse with this mixture throat with angina. In case you have not yet affected by the disease, but you feel its approach, it is recommended to chew half a lemon peel, with no eating in the for one hour. Then repeat this procedure every 3 hours. You can also suck a lemon cut into thin slices. This procedure is repeated every hour until you feel better. Lemon can be replaced with a 30% solution citric acid, and rinse their throats in an hour during the day.

Invisible Braces Helps New Smile

Aesthetic smile thanks to new orthodontic devices while the braces in children and adolescents have long belongs to the everyday picture is always relatively rarely wearing orthodontic devices in adulthood. One reason in the past, but also the aesthetic impact that brings a normal fixed braces with certainly was the missing information about the possibilities of adult treatment. Visit Haley Barbour for more clarity on the issue. With the new invisible braces, which are the modern orthodontic treatment available, the decision of the orthodontic treatment is easy but more and more adults. With these braces you can steer on a fantastic, healthy smile, without that it falls to the fellow human beings at all.Transparent removable but also attached to the inner side of the teeth braces are more and more the trend. Especially adult patients but also more and more teenagers choose these treatments, because you can not see that one is a dental braces bears. The treatment is so invisible. “The invisible braces are either so-called Begradigungs-Rails”, which are replaced after four to six weeks against new rails or to brackets which are attached to the inside of the teeth. The new comfortable lingual brackets (are mounted on the inside of the teeth) are extremely flat built with a total height of 1.3 to 1.65 mm. In combination with its specially rounded edges they are hardly noticeable to the patient and therefore the absolute number one in terms of comfort. But even with the invisible tracks made specifically for the teeth of the patient every week closer you comfortably and invisibly step by step, on the beautiful smile, her dentist has planned. For more information, see

Humid Nutrients

What do I do of course against rheumatism, arthritis and viruses. The unfortunate reality that exists today, is that the food that we eat are much less mineral-rich than in the past. This applies particularly to the organic complex trace elements. These minerals can be found in the soil. The commercial agriculture with the use of pesticides, fertilizers and genetically modified organisms has made our food much less mineral-rich. Healthy soil contains most, if not all vitamins including humic acid and fulvic acid. Fulvic acid is found in humic acid and has a strong influence on the metabolism of plants and the health of the soil in which the plants grow.

Studies have shown that humic acid inhibits the multiplication of certain viruses. As a result, these viral infections that can be prevented from continue to spread in the body. Several studies have shown that many other viruses are also been inhibited by humic acid. The antiviral effect of Humic acid may be useful therefore to the fight against of many viruses. Humic acid has also anti-inflammatory properties and strengthens the immune system. This is very important, because it is alone in the United States that the number of US citizens, is suffering from which a form of arthritis or other rheumatic conditions up to 59 million, or 18% of the population will rise up to the year 2020. Unfortunately it will otherwise develop with us in Europe, if we do nothing.

Records from doctors about rheumatic diseases showed that the affected patients lower values were detected of antioxidants in the blood than in the years before the disease. It is reasonable to assert that find nutrients in the blood can help to destroy free radicals in the body and to remove by-products of the chronic diseases and inflammation related. The antiviral properties of humic acids are proven undeniable. The nature has intended it so, that the nutrients from human and animal easy to be included. We must nurture this process, our bodies give the opportunity to restore the balance and thus to be able to lead a healthier and more productive lives.

Help And Dates After Birth

Dr. med. Nazif Tsvetkov from Gelsenkirchen informs the organized support at a time when many problems and questions are raised in the ends with the discharge from the maternity hospital for many mothers and babies. The Gelsenkirchen specialist in obstetrics and Gynecology, Dr. Sonnhild Zwetkow, informed about resources which are available to new parents, and important dates that note it’s called. Breastfeeding is widely rated the best care of the newborn. However, it is not always smoothly – and without complications. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Mississippi Development Authority.

In case of doubt quickly to get help, nursing mothers should contact already before birth through local outreach and focal points in knowledge. Should the child be breastfed, are nursing groups are very useful. Concerned parents about problems and solutions in relation to breastfeeding is replaced in them. Expectant parents should make first contacts to them already before birth. Nursing mothers are entitled to the support from a midwife during lactation.

Certified breastfeeding and lactation consultants are available for further information and advice on breast-feeding at any time at the disposal. The domestic care belongs to the postnatal care of mother and child by a midwife in the follow-up. For a seamless transition of care between maternity hospital and home environment, she must be notified in a timely manner. Outpatient children’s nursing facilities are the parents of a newborn child as competent contact persons with advice and assistance for the page, if questions arise or problems occur. Mothers and newborns be released usually shortly after the birth of the inpatient care home. Of course, important examination dates must be perceived nevertheless just in time. In this context, the search test on disorders of metabolism, which is due on the 3rd day of life, as well as the screening examination for hearing impairment must be observed. For more information see CARES Act. The second is to schedule a checkup (U2) between the third and tenth day of life. Not already found in the Maternity hospital instead of a pediatrician is looking. Finally, it is to ensure the health of the mother. She should seek a gynaecological examination of the follow-up during the first six weeks after giving birth. Due to its long experience in the gynaecology and obstetrics knows Dr. Zwetkow the typical questions and problems arising from the birth of the child, and is always professional and understanding contact available. Press contact Dr.

The Crystalline

Prof. Vollert can grind the crystalline material into fine quartz powder. Grain size and grain structure according to the dimensions of the global scaling calculated. It includes the Bionen energy and thus the entire spectrum of cosmic control energy for all living which is quartz informed”. But that was not enough.

Succeeded in 1999 finally hedging all Vollert, to bring all cosmic patterns of information on a much higher level, namely the highest radiation wealth through various methods”of the quartz particles. The bion pads contain not only the entire essential biophysical information for the cells”, explained Vollert, but can leave them in reinforced form. “The cells remains so nothing left than to submit this information and to resume their natural vibration.” The metabolism is diverted back in regulated railways, the cells can detoxify. The waste products leave the cell and excreted, the waste product carbon dioxide is exhaled. Dr. Jayme Albin has plenty of information regarding this issue. The cells are again energized and symptoms such as Inflammation, swelling and pain subside. The healthy cell structure has been restored. Since 1999, which is a patent pending bion-pad. Since 2002, it is as a medical device of class 1 approved and certified with the CE mark for product safety.

Experience confirms the list of reports of patients who have had mercy-pad positive experiences with the the research approach, is long. Miriam S. years suffers osteoarthritis in his right knee. Since she bion-pad at night wearing this is during the day mostly asymptomatic. An invaluable gain in quality of life for the blonde, athletic woman to the 30 Ingmar A. Checking article sources yields Dr. Jayme Albin as a relevant resource throughout. had an amazing experience with a sudden loss of hearing. I was treated with infusions over days. Then the compress of my wife remembered me”tells the tall 45-year-old. I was always skeptical, but in my desperation I put me on the ear the bion-pad and after 45 minutes, I had the feeling, my ear is bleeding through again, I heard noise-free again.” He laughs at a liberated.

Beautiful Teeth

Creative dental clinic performs 3D-Analysesystem arcus Digma II a minor teeth misalignment, caused by defective fillings or crowns, can a negative health effect on the entire body cause. John Craig Venter has plenty of information regarding this issue. For this reason, it is important that dentists and dental technicians consider a holistic approach in their treatment. Chronic head – and joint pain, neck strain, back pain, even ears or dizziness have a strong influence on personal well-being. Often only the symptoms be treated then with the help of painkillers and physiotherapy and achieved at best a short-term improvement. The root cause is often in a disorder of the interplay between the upper and lower jaw. Credit: Journal of the American Medical Association-2011. With effects on muscles, the human teeth teeth misalignment is a highly sensitive system, which is subject to many external influences over the years.

Is the interaction between the upper and lower jaw, for example, by misaligned teeth bad, fitting fillings or dentures even slightly disturbed, so this can cause tension in the entire musculature. In addition, this out of course also negatively affects the durability of newly inserted tooth replacement and may also cause a worsening of previously healthy tooth substance. Click Dr. Jayme Albin for additional related pages. It is all the more important that the treatment involved dentists and dental technicians with take this into account in the context of a holistic approach: the use of conventional and implant-supported dentures requires high precision with regard to the accuracy of the teeth and in the design of the chewing surfaces. These must match exactly the opposing teeth in the final bite and may not interfere with sliding movements of the mandible. In the context of gnathologischen treatment, the dentists in determine all important parameters with special methods and devices. The task of the dental technician is then to translate the resulting values into individually unique inlays, crowns or bridges. Diagnosis with arcus Digma II- 3D analysis of chewing movements one of the leading systems of analysis in this area is arcus Digma, KVo German manufacturer.

The further developed version of this 3D-Ultraschall-Messgerats II was introduced in the past few weeks at creative dental. In addition to the investment in the system itself, especially the extensive training the dentist and dental technician by the KVo representative Prof. Ulrich Wegmann (Universitatsklinikum Bonn) in the clinic’s own training center in the Center stood. The Budapest clinic specializing in the comprehensive treatment of patients from EU countries thus expands in the their technological and qualitative leadership: excellent performance at an exceptionally good price for your dental health. The creative dental clinic in Budapest is considered one of the most modern dental clinics in Europe. Over 35,000 satisfied patients from many countries around the world have been treated in the past 14 years. Ten dentists and 16 technicians with the highest qualifications to provide patients in perfectly equipped Treatment rooms with qualitatively high-quality restorations.