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The Eggs

Although turkeys are raised almost everywhere in the world, their eggs are rarely available. Birds are usually bred for their meat, so the eggs are left to breed. However, perhaps in the villages or on farms can be found such eggs. The difference with the chicken yaitsami very small and can be to use for baking. Pheasant eggs Fit these eggs resemble eggs atsesarki. They come in different colors, ranging from buffalo skin color, to green-blue or olive, they may be specks.

They have a very strong taste and they can be boiled to be used in salads, bake and cook almost any way. Before adding other ingredients to the egg, be sure to break it down into the cup, to make sure that it is normal. With ostrich eggs As long as ostrich meat has become increasingly popular, it is possible to find and ostrich eggs. Ostrich egg weighs 450 grams or more. He has a relatively strong taste and is best to use it in baking. His pale shell is very strong and it is very difficult to break. Ostriches lay eggs in summer, and eggs can not be obtained in other seasons.

Australian emu emu eggs a little less than an ostrich. They are protected by law, and to collect their eggs to special permit. However, sometimes the emu is grown on farms for their meat and eggs. The eggs are placed in the winter, and at one time a bird can carry up to 20 dark blue-green eggs with a hard shell. It is best to use eggs in baking, but You can make them scrambled or cooked in savory dishes. Eggs of wild birds in most Western countries, the eggs of wild birds are protected by laws on environmental protection. However, special permits can hunt for eggs of gulls. Eggs are dark gull, spotted, green or blue with a delicate fish taste. Guinea fowl eggs these birds – pheasants, and relatives of the chickens. Their eggs look like eggs batamki; half the chicken and weigh about '25 They are almost always light-brown shell. Taste sweet guinea fowl eggs, and easy. They are ideal for decorating dishes or add to salads, are good in baking.

Returned Prostatitis

Complete cure prostate – it is really a sore point for many men. In principle, I never said that guarantee a final victory over prostatitis. And not a clever doctor or healer will not say so. More accurate and would be correct that the purpose of treatment to achieve the most long-term remission (a period of time after treatment has ended up having to re-treatment). Read more from Dr. Mark Hyman to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The average remission treatment by traditional means is about a year and a half at least. In your case, the period of remission was not more than 9 months, that says something about not really high-quality treatment, or of some pathogenic factors. Therefore the main task for the treatment of prostatitis, I see in increasing the period of remission. Practice shows that to achieve remission is possible and in a few years, it is possible if five years prostatitis is not shown, then can we talk about and treated.

However, to achieve similar results can not go the traditional way – to keep an appropriate way of life, to take preventive measures to avoid factors causing prostatitis. What can aggravate prostate before the end of standard term remission? Of course, any sexual infection. Second, the stagnation (irregular sex), too much stress on the body (including sexual excesses). I draw your attention, which causes prostatitis factor may be a weak immune status of the organism and many types of infections in this background. No less than genital infections (trichomonas, chlamydia, etc.) are dangerous habitual


This functionality is caused by the presence of the articular disc, which divides the joint cavity into two chambers. The upper chamber is the translational motion (head moves down the back slope of the articular tubercle). In the lower chamber at the same time there are rotational motions around a horizontal axis. Thus, the two divisions of the joint, isolated from one another disk, are united in the performance of functions. Distinctive functional characteristics of the TMJ: synchronous movement of two joints, interconnected azygos mandibular bone. This feature must be considered when the diagnosis of diseases of TMJ. For example, when the usual dislocation of one joint always disturbed the function of another. In forming the secondary deforming osteoarthritis in one joint, the joint patient incurs additional functional loads due to the healthy.

At the same time in a healthy joint, limited mobility develops at the expense of function of the diseased joint. Age peculiarities of the TMJ: A newborn head n / h rounded shape and is virtually identical Medio-lateral and anteroposterior dimensions. With age, it gradually vytyagivaetya in the transverse direction. Since the eruption of milk teeth and up to 2 years is an increase in the head, then its dimensions are stabilized. Stabilization lasts up to 6 years: the emergence of the first permanent tooth size head again increase. A newborn is not pronounced tilt head forward: with the age of the head leans forward in relation to cervical articular process. In infancy N / h in a distal position.

Specialists Dental Clinic

Makes it possible to produce non-removable dentures large length and significantly enhances the fixation of the use of complete dentures. Most people are faced with tooth loss for the first time do not realize the seriousness of the situation. Do not give functional loading of the bone jaw atrophy, changes occlusion and position of the remaining teeth in the jaw. It can be argued that the implantation of dental stops the process of atrophy of the jawbone. The patient can live a full life, and take any food without restriction.

Dental implantation is carried out in three stages: First stage – preparatory. Implantation of the teeth – is primarily a surgical intervention, therefore, like any operation, there are mandatory conditions that must be followed. At the first consultation the doctor – implantologist tell you how to properly care for oral hygiene, what tests must pass. In preparation for implantation of teeth is necessary to pass computed tomography. Computed tomography allows us to see the object in three-dimensional image in real size and to evaluate its relationship with neighboring objects. Thus, the doctor can assess the amount of bone in a place where should be implanted, to provide virtually the implantation of teeth, to determine the relationship of the implants with blood vessels, sinuses, nerves, this can substantially reduce the risk of postoperative complications.

Before installing a dental implant is necessary to pass a general examination by a doctor (general practitioner). And although an absolute contraindication to implant installation is only cancers in the thermal stage and serious mental disorders, health problems, such as reduced bone regeneration, severe heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, can cause failure in carrying out dental implants teeth. Second step: implantation of a titanium screw – implant (artificial root) in the jawbone. For the operation will need about 20-30 minutes. She carried out under local anesthesia and is absolutely painless. After the procedure, the patient can go home. 7-10 days you can take the seams. The process of osseointegration (anatomical and functional direct link (connectivity) between living bone and implant surface) more long (2-6 months). Third stage: making the abutment and securing it to the artificial root. In the dental laboratory technician riveting eliminated by the doctor, selects the abutment for a particular patient. With this design in the future to change the crown on the implant can be very quickly and without additional surgery. The size and external shape of the implant is chosen dentist-surgeon on the basis of height, width and density of the jawbone, the function of the implant, the place of his administration and the individual characteristics of the patient's jaw, so the risk of postoperative complications was reduced to a minimum. Specialists Dental Clinic "Dent – Profi" will do everything possible, what would your teeth were healthy, and you smile more often!