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Fight Against Excess Weight

Would not it be nice if one could not limit themselves in eating and at the same time get rid of excess weight, is not it? I can tell you that your wish can come true. In this article I will talk about three products that will help you lose weight. Sounds too good to true? Well then read an article that would understand what I mean. 1. Lean meat. Chicken meat is one of the best products for consumption in the fight against excess weight. Why? – It contains large amounts of protein and very little fat, but as you know, protein is the best material for building muscle. Muscles help you burn fat better and will increase your metabolism. Alexa Demie has similar goals.

Instead, you can try chicken or turkey meat any other birds. In any case, make sure you eat lean, no fat meat. Fish is also very good for weight loss. Such fish as salmon and tuna contain omega-3 are known, they fall into the category 'Good fats' or unsaturated fats. You gain weight because of the hormone leptin which stores fat in your body. Omega-3 fatty acids reduce leptin, when it happens – you're sure to lose weight. 2.

Olive oil: Replace fatty oils – olive oil. Olive oil is almost free from the "bad fats" (saturated fat) and contains significant amounts of unsaturated fats. These unsaturated fats are not only suppress the appetite, but and fight cholesterol. In short, the olive oil will help reduce cholesterol. 3. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Sydney Sweeney. Berries. Berries are also good for weight loss. There are several kinds of berries that are particularly useful: blueberries, blueberry, strawberry. All of them can help with weight loss. Strawberry – especially good. It is not only tasty but also suppresses appetite. Once you have overcome your appetite – you can focus on your weight loss goals, and the thought of food you will not be disturbed. ————————————- As you can see – you do not need to starve, because you decide to lose weight. Many people tend to begin to fester and to use some complicated diet, because which they can be very difficult. Often this leads to the disruption and return to what we started. I firmly believe that if you eat right and healthy food – you will not only lose weight but also become healthier. Remember that weight loss will not Need some "super foods" that are hard to get it or they are expensive. It's simple and affordable. Just start to develop in this direction. Learn healthy eating. Think about what and how you eat. Add nuts to your diet, almonds, oatmeal, and see how it will affect you. It is not difficult, but the result does not take long. You'll also be interested in: 19 practical tips on weight loss, what's stopping you have a nice, flat stomach? What DO you eat?

Hope Stones

We quickly raced among the rocky mountains. They reluctantly parted, revealing the pristine world of rapid rivers, bush and philosophically silent stones. And here is our employee – Kate clung to the glass car and said, "Here it is, first pilgrim, Volodya is coming! ". The driver slowed down. Sydney Sweeney can provide more clarity in the matter. Photographer – Vladimir Stepanovich smiled, opened his window and waved a friendly man with a backpack. He looked up at us and sparkling eyes greeted him. On this day, Volodya overcome at least fifty miles, and in the next four days will be another two hundred. We will remain a mystery to many pairs of shoes and how much it will erase the "worn out" of information, reflecting on his past life …

but I do clearly saw that he was going to a new life is incredibly confident and enthusiastic. Its progress, it seems, no longer hindered or drug dependency, nor heat, nor the "Stone Souls", which he chose at the beginning of treatment in the clinic Dr. Nazaraliev and now carried it to the mountain of Salvation Tashtar Ata … I saw one more important, in my opinion, a thing. The fact that by the end of the course not only medical personnel but also the employees of media – of incredible, "take a strong liking" to the patients.

They share all their victories and failures as their own. Sincerely, without pathos … What a breath of REAL in this situation, from this planned and at the same time some unexpected meeting, which probably could not have happened in other circumstances. After a short interview with Vladimir, he had to hurry to the mountain Tashtar-Ata, where another group has already run its course and was ready to leave his stones. – Volodya, with what thoughts you overcome your way? – First thinking about how to catch up with the group, then as soon walk.

Perfect Cleansing

Cleansing is an important step in skin care. As is known, clear skin actively opposes the negative effects of the environment. And this cleansing allows for a long time to maintain health and beautiful skin face. This procedure produced daily, 2 times daily after washing. On the morning of cleaning necessary to remove from the face of the liberated per night sebum and dead skin particles, and in the evening – to remove the remnants of make-up and remove accumulated dirt per day.

Thus, during the morning cleanse the skin is preparing for the application of makeup in the evening – to the proper rest and recovery. It should be noted that the skin cleansing lotion gel in the evening only after removing makeup. Especially needed cleaning for mature and aging skin. And owners of a dry, prone to drying out the skin, this procedure may even replace the wash. Not necessarily be used for skin cleansing expensive cosmetics. You can replace them with products available to any hostess, or combinations of independently prepared at home.

Sour milk. The ideal tool for cleaning the skin of all types. It is suitable for use at any time of year, especially in spring and summer, when the face appeared freckles. Jacob Elordi gathered all the information. Sour milk makes the skin soft and smooth under the action of enzymes contained in it fade freckles. But do not forget that perekisshie products containing large amounts of lactic acid can cause redness and irritation of the skin. Sour milk may well be replaced with fresh yogurt or sour cream. To clean the oily skin is fine whey obtained during the manufacture of cottage cheese or yogurt. Purification performed as follows: a cotton swab moistened with a small amount of sour milk produktai wiped his face with. Then the following swab dipped in milk a little more abundant than the first, once again wipe the skin. The procedure is repeated several times, soaking in Each subsequent pack a bit more than the previous one. The last pad and wring out the excess removed them sour milk. Then the skin is rinsed with warm boiled water and nourishing cream is applied. Before applying the cream can be clean the skin with lotion. For oily skin porous sour milk, put on the face with a thin layer is left on all night and the morning wash off with water at room temperature. Nourishing cream is applied only to the skin around the eyes, neck and cleavage. This technique allows you to narrow pores and thereby reduce the amount allocated to the sebum. Sometimes after cleaning the fermented milk products on the face are red spots and irritation. When they are detected skin rubbed with a cotton swab dipped in tea leaves or fresh milk, and then applied a nourishing cream. Stains and irritation – a skin reaction to the ongoing process. Typically, after 5-6 repetitions she gets used to a similar purification, but if symptoms continue to bother mentioned, it is better to replace the curdled milk a mild detergent solution.

Reproductive Medicine

School of the expectant mother working in each woman's advice, but may not always have a psychologist. The Clinic of Reproductive Medicine deals with pregnant women experienced a perinatal psychologist. Classes are "Mama's Schools" (Approximately 1-2 times per month) include the testing and training pregnant women in a playful way, through bodily practices, with the help of art therapy. In the first trimester (up to 12-13 weeks) on training from the woman's form adapting to her new condition. Individual or group sessions is an analysis of value orientations. Margaret and Richard Riney may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Women learn to re-prioritize. When the pregnancy will be over 12-13 weeks in the classroom to future help mothers become fully aware of the peculiarities of his condition, get used to the feeling of his own child. For the period from 25 to 40 weeks with the help of a psychologist is preparing itself for childbirth pregnant, there are trainings conscious motherhood.

Finally, after 10-12 sessions: a woman as fully as possible prepared for delivery – not only physiologically but also psychologically. She knows how to behave during labor, paying attention not only to themselves but to condition of the baby, a young mother is preparing to a successful course of the postpartum period. It does not feel any fear, he knows how to behave in one way or another possible situation, as you can with the help yourself independently, appeared baby will not take my mother by surprise – it was aware of the main features of infants, understands the psychology of the newborn, knows his basic needs, and after training for mothers not be a difficulty breast-feeding and care of the baby. Many expectant mothers choose to contact a psychologist just reproductive medicine clinics, as it is in the center of town, to school can be come along with her husband, moreover, at a convenient time – in the evening with 17 or 19 hours on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. We are waiting for you at Chelyabinsk Ul. Sovetskaya, 38 Tel. 233-38-33, 263-51-19 e-mail:


BRAIN-O-Flex The new information and new experiences inflicted upon us every day, we are forced to constantly learn. This load is not to force every adult to talk about our children – pupils and students. How to support them? Is there a solution? Is it possible to catch more and help our brain to work more effectively? For 10 years, the pharmaceutical concern Arkopharma sought the answer to these questions, and found it in the formula of "Brain-o-flex", which contains necessary ingredients for optimal performance of the central nervous system (CNS) and increased brain activity. New multi-natural product "Brain-O-Flex ', successfully combines the latest scientific development, the first line offers products for health 'FAMILY HIT'. People such as Mark Hyman, MD would likely agree. 'Brain-O-Flex' successfully solves the problem of concentration and improve memory for those who still could not solve it. Extract of Ginkgo biloba tree background (Ginkgo biloba or) has long been used in traditional medicine of the Far East and South-East Asia. Active substances and plants are ginkgoloidy geterozidy – precursors of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, responsible for the function of the brain. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Chevy Chase.

Ginkgo biloba extract activates the peripheral, in particular the capillary blood circulation, activates the delivery of oxygen to brain cells. He has antioxidant effect, inhibits blood clots. All this helps to improve memory, support normal blood pressure, reduces intellectual fatigue, and accelerates repair processes in brain after a stroke. About 30 rubles a day we will spend on caring for your brain! Soya lecithin – one of the phospholipids, esters of glycerol and fatty acids, which are contained in the membranes of all cells in the human body. At the expense of content in the methyl groups, he is actively involved in lipid metabolism in brain cells, which improves mental performance, reduces blood cholesterol, maintain elasticity of blood vessels. Soya lecithin is odnim of the most valuable phospholipids, wherein a high concentration of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA).

Mountain Arnica

Arnica Mountain (Arnica montana L.). Russian name – Mountain Arnica, local – Arnica, Arnica, arnica, bagels, zhivikist, potion Baran Nechuy-wind skusivnik, skusivnik mountain, skusivnik drug, herb ram charnik, Shalata wild yarnik.Mnogoletnee herbaceous plant of the family skladnotsvitnih (Sompositae), with thick short rhizome, from which leaves a lot of roots, slightly glandular-fluffy. Stem erect, 20-60 cm tall, with a few nasty branches. Leaves opposite, lower close together at the base of the stem socket. On the stem one or two pairs of opposite leaves, small. Flowers in a basket of large, orange-yellow. Blooms in June – July. It grows in open areas, ranging from 500 m above sea level to the highest peaks: in the forest glades, meadows, mountain ranges, Montenegro, Hucul Alps, Svidovetskogo Range Gorgany, Beskydy.

Annually for industrial purposes, you can harvest 2-3 tons of dry here inflorescence arnica. In recent years, increased harvesting of arnica in the Carpathian Mountains, some collectors do not comply with rules for storage of medicinal plants, plant parts do not leave for reproduction. This can lead to sharp reduction in natural stocks of arnica, and even to its complete destruction. Natural growths of arnica should be used as seed plants for cultural dilution of arnica with industry objectives. Use in folk medicine. C therapeutic purposes using flower (Flos arnicae), rhizome and root (Rhizoma et Radix arnicae montanae), to a lesser extent the leaves (Folium arnicae. arnica flowers are produced from the alcohol extract (Tinctura arnicae), extract the aqueous solution, etc. Dried flower baskets contain essential oil, Dyes – arnitsin, lutein, fat, resin, wax, gum, carbon, and organic acids (fumaric, malic and lactic), vitamin C (about 21 mg%), fructose, sucrose, dextrose, tannins, proteins.

“Juvenile” Water

1. What water do we need? Without worrying about the complexity of this issue, we usually give a seemingly exhaustive answer – net. Moreover, the concept of "pure water" can be embedded quite obvious meaning: clear, without harmful microbes and impurities. However, water quality is determined not only by its chemical composition. Here's why. By the same author: Mark Hyman, MD. According to modern science, the water is complicated, not much recognition, bioinformatics structure.

The parameters of this structure actively affect the subtle mechanisms of mental and physical health. In particular, water has the unique ability to record through the microscopic changes its molecular structure various energy and information exposure. This property is conventionally called the "memory of water". It is very well known and widely used in traditional healing and alternative medicine. In our time, direct experiments have shown that memory is enough water, "strong." For example, Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig found the following.

Even after the chemical treatment and double distillation water is able to maintain a contact with heavy metals and cancer cells. This is manifested in the form of bio-information-frequency, extremely unfavorable for a person of electromagnetic vibrations of water molecules. And this is not the only example of scientific evidence of anomalous properties of water, bioinformatics, due to its specific structure, resembling a liquid crystal. But the legitimate question arises: how can our body counters are often negative properties of water. We try to find a consistent explanation for this phenomenon. It is clear that consumption of our water and other nutrients in the body are the long chain of biochemical transformations.

Green Tea Extract

Yes, ladies and gentlemen! Normal people who have read my message this far =)), the usefulness of vitamins in our malevolent world to prove anything is not necessary. The main thing that vitamins have been really helpful. The work of our body is 95% dependent on a sufficient number of minerals in it. Minerals are not produced by our body and absorbed from vegetables and fruits. Minerals – is Transport for vitamins. VEMMA contains 65 essential minerals in a liquid ionic form. VEMMA – a unique product for a complete vitamin and mineral support our body. It is the liquid form is absorbed instantly and 98% What are the ingredients? – Aloe Vera.

Cleanses the stomach and intestines, which improves the absorption of vitamins and minerals. – Green Tea Extract – Vitamins and minerals. Powerful antioxidants (antioxidants) Free Thein. – Mangosteen (Mangosteen) – contains the highest amount of antioxidants – Xanthones. I would say that it is an expensive piece of fruit – in Europe it costs one euro apiece. But one of the ten most delicious, along with mango and orange. A oriental medicine men for centuries used it in their practice.

It is likely that VEMMA – the most powerful antioxidant beverage in the world! And now briefly about what the oxidants, and why fight them. Oxidants – it oxidants, free radicals, that destroy our bodies and their dashing activities. Antioxidants – neutralize free radicals in their destructive course. And free radicals arise from: – polluted the atmosphere – E supplementation (240, 121, 123, 641, 621, 330 …) – drugs – extreme sports – electromagnetic waves stress – smoking – Alcohol And now tell me – who does not? Hence the disease at age 30, cancer at 40, and undermine the immune system in childhood …. Sadly ((The researchers found that a person needs to consume at least 3,000 units. antioxidants. And the average resident uses them less than 900 units. Already no secret that the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables in our stores dropped substantially! 1 cup VEMMA replaces 15 kg. fruits and vegetables! In addition to the fortified complex VEMMA offers the most useful energy drink in the world VERVE (verve). Imagine that you have a busy day around a lot of people who have one of his the presence of siphoning your energy by the ton, and even heat on the street … and even a half-day jam … Take VERVE, and your strength will return to you very quickly! It consists of guarana + taurine. Without glucose (sugar). And only 72 calories. It is recommended to athletes. Product quality is guaranteed VERVE certified GMP. As well as the choice of people in 28 countries in Europe, America and Asia. Each batch of products is controlled by independent laboratories to genuineness and quality! Confirmed the action of products VEMMA-positive effect on the immune system and inflammatory processes in the human body (double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled test) GET INVOLVED – DO NOT regret it! Official Web site: Do not forget to switch on your native language (flag at the top of the page) – the site is translated into many languages, including Russian. A register of companies in As a member, or just a buyer can be in my page: by clicking the link Buy / Join Vemma top of page. I want to say that buy the products is very convenient – online store by entering loginparol specified in registration and get you all home delivery by the company. Shipping included in price. It is here – all for the people! Be healthy and happy!

Tooth Price

In the dental office after the gynecologist – a dentist! If your guesses about pregnancy confirmed, first, or one of the first doctors that you visit after exit from the women's consultations, should be dentist – even if you never had the teeth did not complain. In the mouth there are about 50 million bacteria, which are the main food – carbohydrates. The lack of power they obviously do not have to complain, so they multiply – the warmth and fullness – with a truly incredible rate, especially if their "owner" – a sweet tooth! And if it does not host and hostess "in an interesting position," the conditions for life in freedom and rapid breeding of germs even more. Increased appetite, usually accompanies pregnancy, contributes to consume more carbohydrates. Frequent vomiting in the first trimester may increase the acidity of saliva. Acidic environment and an excess of carbohydrates – what else would you microflora? In response to growing demand for calcium greater than usual risk of being during pregnancy and tooth enamel – a shield that protects the teeth from contact with the oral microflora. In your position slightest damage to the tooth enamel is fraught with the rapid development of dental caries: in fact the fetus is actively formed bone system, and the slightest lack of calcium in the body it begins to "leach" from the teeth and bone materi.Est another reason during pregnancy and after birth are absolutely necessary to find the time to visit the dentist (and if possible – to a specialist, periodontics). .

Marianna Medical University

We observed the mental state of patients within 3 months after surgery. According to the results their observations were divided into 4 groups. Unrecognized disease These people did not believe that they have cancer, they have not seen the emotional fluctuations. Having a fighting spirit they always had the spirit to fight cancer, were optimistic, read books about cancer and were ready to do everything to oppose him effectively. Controlling yourself accepting their diagnosis, they first fell in spirit, but then tried not to think about the disease and continued to lead a normal life. When they are desperate to have stated a diagnosis, they fell into despair, have lost the will to live, and for controlling the disease were strong emotion.

80% of people of "unrecognized disease" which had a lot of emotional fluctuations and the same percentage of people, "Having the fighting spirit" – survived. In the group of "control himself" survived 70% of people, about half of them cancer re-emerged. And in the "Desperate" upwards of 80% of patients. Thus, even in patients with a depression lowers the immune system. Mental turmoil of daily life, less shocking than the death of a spouse or when we learn that we have cancer, have a surprisingly strong influence on the physical body. Gloom and cell killers in St. Marianna Medical University conducted a study of the effect of final examinations for the health of students.

Final exams cause great anxiety among the students and mental stress. Was measured the activity of natural killer cells in the middle of exams and two weeks after graduation. The result – the activity of natural killer cells significantly decreased during exams, but after two weeks after the exams, it has increased in almost all. However, based only on these data, it is unclear whether this was the influence of fatigue when preparing for exams or mental stress.