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General Elections

The coordinator of the formation will head for the first time the list to the generals, replacing Gaspar Llamazares. Details can be found by clicking Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. or emailing the administrator. He obtained 87 favorable votes in the voting, where also there were 15 in target and three null ones. All the regional leaders have praised to him like " next rrente of izquierda". Lara has announced that IU will present/display the next week a plan to foment the use equipped with 40,000 million Euros. It has said of Rubalcaba that " credibilidad&quot does not have any;. The Political Council of IU has designated east Saturday to the coordinator of the formation, Lara Key, like candidate to the Presidency of the Government for the general elections of the 20 of November, with an endorsement of 82.8% of the votes of the leaders of the federation. Lara will head for the first time the electoral list of IU, after arriving at the position of general coordinator in December of 2008, and of that in the general elections of that year, the leader was Gaspar Llamazares.

The candidacy of Lara has obtained 87 votes to favor, 15 in target and three null ones in the voting of the Political Council. A the meeting of the maximum control element between assemblies has lacked 75 members. Lara will appear heading the list of Madrid, as they stipulate the IU statutes. All the territorial leaders who have taken part before Lara have praised their figure and its capacity so that IU becomes rrente of the left. Diego Valderas, coordinator of IU in Andalusia, has expressed him the support " without fisuras" of this region, most numerous in militants.

Valderas has defined to him as " a man of the town, simple, near and honesto" , that puts in front the leadership " of equipment to individual". " He is a leader who gives to confidence against the disrepute of the PP and the PSOE and the disrepute of Rajoy and Rubalcaba" , he has affirmed to the leader Andalusian. The coordinator of Esquerra United in the Valencian Community, Sanz Marl, also has valued the one that Lara has assumed its own profile against Rubalcaba and Rajoy, of who has said that she follows " without breaking with fascism ". The leader in Madrid, Fat Gregorio, has agreed who Lara " he represents the best ones values s of IU". Against Rubalcaba Lara has vindicated the vote of the left when assuring that the socialist candidate, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, " it does what does, does not have no credibilidad". The IU leader has affirmed that to Rubalcaba " corresponsabilidad&quot cannot camouflage his; of the cut measures approved by the Government of Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero in the last two years. " For that reason, their proposals today, do those that do, do not have no credibility for ample layers of the society of ours pas" , it has affirmed. Lara has announced that IU will present/display the next week a plan to foment the use equipped with 40,000 million originating Euros, mainly, of the tax to the great fortunes and of the fight against the fraud. Source of the news: Lara key will be the candidate of IU to the general elections after obtaining a 82.8% of supports

Haedo Argentinean Wins

De la Cruz Haedo wins in an injured Sprint in Haro, puts of 16. stage. A roundhouse badly indicated conditioned the arrival. Purito Rodriguez was involved in a montonera and could leave.

The transition was a chaos and brought with himself a tiny amount. The 203 kilometers between the Roman town of the Olmeda and Haro, the second longer stage of the present edition of the Return, 16. according to the route book, changed of the placid beginning and comfortable running (with an early escape of Antonio Cabello and Jesus Rosendo, Andalusia, and Fouchard, of the Cofidis) to uncomfortable and tense last years, in which Purito Rodriguez, leader of the points, was involved in a montonera fifteen kilometers of the end (by which it arrived at goal to more than eleven minutes and could leave the race), and to a end of madness because of a roundhouse, indicated well in the book of route but so badly indicated in the reality that for that reason of being the point of deflection for the cars and motorcycles that follow the race ended up conditioning the Sprint. And a substitute provided. Because those arrived from the Team Leopard currando for the Italian Daniele Bennati, Slovakian Peter Sagan walked jovencsimo (yes, the one of the Liquigas, the one that made the delights of the respectable one with its jugglings in the ascent to the Angliru) sharpening the knife to add his third stage and the great group in himself, clearly, that came sent. The cyclist separated from the Leopard, doubted between the left and the right, also confused the squad, was close the drama of another montonera and the Argentinean Juan Jose Haedo, who threw by the good side, took advantage of his inertia, its intuition and the disagreement to win in Haro, where the race did not arrive from 1966, without opposition some.


" I want to mark an era with the Athletic one and to arrive at the young people who at some time can be professional, having a good form of vida" , it added. The forward, who hopes to mark to goals for the equipment " and if eso" him " he allows to be ' pichichi' , bien" , he pointed, he does not put limits to his equipment for this season: " I do not want to put ceiling to him to the equipment. It seems to me that the illusion and the conviction that can have each player can infect to the rest of the equipment and the liking to be able to arrive very far. It does not seem to me correct to put ceiling to him. Yes there are objectives at which we want to arrive, but that will be spoken within equipo". " In the group there is a very good atmosphere, the group is very healthy, young, with many desire and mainly hunger to make history in this Spanish Liga.

We know that it is not easy, but must work hard during the season to reach ours metas" , the player added, who honored the Uruguayan Diego Forln, whose future in the Athletic one is uncertain by its possible crossing to another club. " Forln is a player of an impressive quality. If it remains is going to be for the good of the establishment, because he is one of the best ones of the world. And, later, the Athletic account with a very interesting group, in which we have all much fe" , it stood out. Falcao today had a multitudinal reception on the part of the liking in its presentation in Vicente Caldern. " I am in favor very happy by the attacks that the Athletic one delivered of Madrid to bring to me and of the happiness that the liking has demonstrated to me from the first minute, that is hug to me with fervor.

Valencian Community

In 31 provinces the thermometers will mark a minim below the 15 degrees. Of average, the temperatures will lower about 4 degrees. They will continue rains and the storms in the North zone and this of the country. The week begins with a slope of the temperatures in all Spain, that will be of about four degrees, whereas they continue rains and the storms in the North zone and this of the Peninsula, according to the State Agency of Meteorology (Aemet). The nocturnal temperatures will slightly lower in this beginning of week, like the diurnal ones in the Mediterranean area that will be locally remarkable in the Balearics, Murcia, Valencian Community and mediocrities of the Canary Islands. However, the temperatures will ascend slightly in the Cantabrian, Castile and Leon and in the Ebro stop.

As far as the temperatures principles, Malaga and Seville they will be able to get to mark the 34 degrees, followed of Murcia and Cordova that will reach the 33 degrees. As far as the minims, Burgos and Leon will remain in the 7 degrees, and Soria, Salamanca and Palencia the 8 degrees. In 31 provinces the thermometers will mark a minim below the 15 degrees in this beginning of week. Dimmed In Galicia and all the zone of the Cantabrian there will be cloudy skies with weak rain possibility. In the peninsular North end they will have cloudy skies with weak precipitation possibility in the north of Navarre and the northeast of Catalonia. In the rest of the Peninsula the skies will remain cleared, like in the Balearics. In the Valencian Community and Murcia a beginning of week very dimmed with possibility of some isolated shower is expected.

In the Canary Islands they will have very cloudy skies in the end North, with possibility of some weak rain, and little cloudy in the rest of the canary archipelago. Hard surge in the North coast East Monday is necessary to emphasize yellow alert (risk) by strong surge in Cantabria, Girona, To Corunna, Lugo, Asturias, Guip’uzcoa and Biscay. Finally, the component winds this will blow from moderate to fort in the coast of Alborn and the Cantabrian, and of North component in The Canary Islands, in the valley of the Ebro, the northeast of Gerona, the Balearics and the East coast. Source of the news: Generalized slope of the temperatures in the beginning of the week