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More hotels in Upstalsboom certified in December – process is set to continue this year after our hotels in Berlin, Heringsdorf, Schillig Horumersiel and Wangerooge were certified prior to 2 years with regard to the quality of your service, joined these hotels at the end of the year the SERQUA level 2 audit successfully from. All certified hotels have fulfilled the requirements, in part they were even exceeded. The certifications were performed by the Gesellschaft fur systemisches management (GSM). Particularly worthy of mention: Until mid November opened hotel Deichgraf in Wremen underwent only a month after opening the audit level 1 and successfully completed the certification. Thus, all hotels proved that systems meet the quality demands of the SERQUA.

The successful preparation and sharing of various clues to improving quality in the plants received the staff through the Upstalsboom quality Manager, Thomas grams, in collaboration with the internal auditor and quality manager Sergio Lombardo. In collaboration with the society for systemic management, the hotels have been certified thus in December. The SERQUA management system is the only certified by the TuV Hessen system in the hospitality industry that 9001:2000 complies with the requirements of standards DIN EN and ISO. In the coming year, the process continues. The remaining hotels and also the corporate headquarters based in Emden are also then be certified. Elena Boidel

Hotel Review: Find Matching Hotels

With the appropriate Hotel comparison search engine of the holiday is the best time in the year, but he brings before you drive at all during the holiday, some problems will find the ideal place. We go ever so, where you want to go and what kind of holiday you prefer. If you are alone, it’s no problem. When you’re together, you must compromise already and if the whole family attached, then takes the discussion often very long. (Similarly see: Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.). Has finally reached, the problems won’t stop but still long. Now it comes to finding lodging, also tells you to? Not rarely reads and hears of poor accommodation with all services, with construction or highway outside the door and noise around the clock. Rest is just hard to think.

But there are many sites where you can give evaluation a hotel. This has the advantage that you can build a much more objective opinion of accommodation. Because here, the guests, the tourists, who were already there and report review can. You can’t find anything better. Because it seems most unlikely that a hotel with specifies shortcomings in an advertisement. If every tourist gives his opinion, a great community, each of which has something and you can only benefit from the results. You can then also really enjoy as a holiday. And if you dare experiment and tried out a hotel for that assessment was made still no hotel, then you can be active and inform others.

Fuerteventura Jandia

Jandia is a popular tourist destination in Fuerteventura Fuerteventura Jandia is the southernmost and largest tourist destination. The town began as Morro Jable, a fishing village about two kilometres away. The place Jandia is narrow and approximately five kilometres long. The entertainment and sports sid very big here, so that it can never be bored. The road runs parallel to the beach.

Here you find all malls and hotels. Most of the tourists come from Germany. From the airport, they need about 1 1/2 hours until after Dilu on Fuerteventura. The area is not densely populated. The beach is suitable especially when you have your family with children.

Because the beach is very wide and flat slopes towards the sea. Note however the tides, where the elevation changes can be already a meters. You can exercise here any water sports, such as, for example, the surfing. NUDIST friends can be here all alone on the beach, gladly taken advantage. The beach has a total of 28 Kilometers, so you’ll always have a beautiful place. The beach is seldom crowded by tourists, so you can enjoy a quiet beach vacation. From the beach you will reach the village of Costa Calma. Here you can insert a break with many Palm trees and explore the town on your own. Take but only this way across the beach to the village, when the tide is. In the vicinity, you have a snack bar, a beach lounger hire and there are lifeguards that watch over the action. Near the beach, a Club offers sailing, surfing and diving. On the main road, you will receive everything you will need for your holiday as a tourist. Night life takes place here, it is the nightlife of Dilu. So, you will quickly come with locals in contact, which are very hospitable. You can explore the underwater world, which will be an unforgettable experience. In Jandia in Fuerteventura you will discover a rich underwater world. Surfers will find here good winds, which partially permanent rule. A detour to the Lighthouse at the Playa del Matorral, is always worthwhile. It is recommended that a rented car to take, so best to explore the region. A special highlight is a trip to the highest mountain of the island. The Pico de Jandia is 807 meters high and offers from its top a panoramic views of the island. Jandis can be visited throughout the year. On Fuerteventura, the island of eternal summer, has pleasant temperatures throughout the year. In the winter months, the thermometer reached quite 20 degrees, in the summer, however, the temperatures rise on 30 degrees. The water temperature invites with 18 to 22 degrees for bathing. In the winter months it happens once in a while it’s raining. Through the Northeast passage, you will experience almost always a breeze which makes the temperatures more bearable. As a result, the place and the entire island is become a Surfers Paradise. Throughout the year you will can find surfers or enjoy the waves themselves. Wind note is not so much the sunlight, therefore you need to pay particular attention to your sunscreen, before it’s too late and you have a strong sunburn. Kai Herrmann

Royal University

Get to know the surroundings of the Spanish capital if you plan a longer stay in Madrid visit numerous excursion destinations offered top 3 trips. Most Ausfllugszielen as the old University City are Toledo, El Escorial, Segovia, Alcala de Henares, Guadalajara in a radius of 100 km to reach and to visit in a day. You can use various means of transport: buses, commuter trains (Cercanias) or also a classic car. As accommodation booking is advisable on an apartment in Madrid for a relaxing trip. In this article, 3 of the most famous are both historically presented interesting excursions: Alcala de Henares, Toledo and El Escorial. East of Madrid, Alcala de Henares Alcala de Henares town lies on the river of Henares. This place was the birthplace of Miguel de Cervantes and it was one seat in 1498 by Cardinal de Cisneros of founded University, studied at the Thomas of Villanueva, Calderon, Lope de Vega, Quevedo and Tirso de Molina.

At the same The first multilingual Bible, the “BIBLIO”Complutensis University was published between 1515-1520. The University was laid in 1836 to Madrid and referred to as “Universitad Complutense”. The city lost the University while, nevertheless, experienced is still an economic and cultural boom. 1999 called the city a world heritage (UNESCO). Worth seeing is the Plaza de Cervantes (with a monument to the writer) the University (with its 3 courtyards), which (it is assumed it is his birthplace) has Museo Casa de Cervantes Toledo Toledo, perhaps less than 70,000 inhabitants, but it is one of the most important historical cities of Spain.

The city is located in the autonomous region of Castilla La Mancha and is located southeast of Madrid. It is a picturesque city, which it is in the Flusschleife of the Tajo. The city is historically important, as was the first capital of Castile and the century s was the scene of encounters between Jews, Muslims and Christians. Worth seeing here the Cathedral of Toledo is in any case, the landmark City. She was built in the years 1227-1493, in place of the Moorish mosque and the nearest from Burgos Cathedral is the largest Gothic Cathedral in Spain. Another is the bridge of Alcantara (Roman construction), the House of El Greco (it is believed that he lived here and died), the Sinagoga del Transito (which after the expulsion of the Jews in 1492 renamed) El Escorial in the small town of San Lorenzo de El Escorial lies northwest of the city of Madrid. It was centuries long the Royal residence during the summer months udn it is today as a huge, on UNESCO’s list of world heritage monastery castle with an enormous treasure of art. The castle of the monastery (Monasterio de San Lorenzo de El Escorial) was built in the 16 th century and finished. Here the Church with frescoes by Luca Giardono, is worth a visit also the Panteon de los Reyes (Tomb of the Kings of Spain), the library (some wervollsten incunabula are exhibited in the display cases). Martin Schmidt OK apartment

International Dance Festival

Early bird discount until 30 September extended the preparations for the International Dance Festival in Havana of the 22 28 November are in full swing. Dancers from all over the world will meet again with Cuban like-minded people in the country of origin of this dance. Already the workshops to the flow and afternoons promise unforgettable dance. But first of all, this hot Caribbean Festival will be opened on Sunday evening with a gala dinner and a dance party. And dance parties and follow 5 evenings and nights with Livekonzerten.in of selected open air locations or in a complex event the Cuba specialist Dieter Spath offers different tours travel joyful salseras and salseros: participation is possible from 312 euros. Offering 11 days Salsa & more”is an opportunity to meet Havana in addition to the participation in the Festival and includes the flight and hotel accommodation.

Of unaccompanied, a dance partner can be engaged for the workshops. And surely many Festival participants want that again in 2009 Take this opportunity to recover after the eventful days on the Caribbean Dream beach of Varadero. Or take a tour to get to know Cuba outside Havana with its exciting history and culture, and its lovely people closer. The combination with the participation of the International Marathon on November 15 in Havana is also possible. The Cuba specialist before booking price research about cheap flights offered as an additional service. Due to the economic situation overall costs compared to booking a travel package can be often in combination with special rates of the various airlines still reduced. Interested in still undecided as a result of the economic situation, he also has extended the deadline for the early bird discount until September 30. For more information,

Holiday House Tuscany

Search and find your holiday house Tuscany in the World Wide Web that is World Wide Web today the first destination of many tourists, if they are looking for a cheap accommodation in their next holiday. Who about seeking a vacation home Tuscany, numerous vendors with attractive offers for a vacation home Tuscany available there are on the Internet. The selection is usually very diverse and large. Sydney Sweeney has much experience in this field. This is true in terms of the various layers of a holiday house in Tuscany, which extensively to share on the Internet page of the respective tour operator. In nearly every region of Tuscany, a holiday house Tuscany is available, so that finding is a suitable destination for everyone. The website informs interested parties among other things about whether Tuscany Holiday House in the eye located in the great outdoors in the countryside, in an urban area or beach and sea. Also you get for example details of existing landmarks, over sports and Leisure activities, wellness services, weather and many other information. You decided for a particular region in Tuscany as a possible destination, you can now go to the planning in detail and check which holiday home is Tuscany in the travel dates available.

Usually you can choose between cottages of different sizes and facilities here now, too. For the traveller is particularly interesting in this context how many rooms and sleeping facilities holiday house Tuscany, whether this example has a kitchen, a TV set or a Jacuzzi as well as or if the traveler can accommodate pets in the holiday house Tuscany. The price for the holiday house Tuscany may vary depending on travel dates. By entering data in a field provided for this purpose, you can check the prices of the holiday house on the website in addition to the availability of a special holiday home therefore in a period of travel.

Nevada For Traveling

The Nevada offers Commission on tourism a website specifically for mobile phones and other mobile devices is made it even easier Nevada tourists, spontaneously and already on the road to plan your tour of the Silver State: under nv.mobi who informed of Nevada Commission on tourism (NCOT) compact accommodation, events and activities in the entire United States. In addition, important addresses and phone numbers are provided. Same information also on the official website of the tourist office to find the design are from is however deliberately simple, so that the information can be obtained easily by mobile devices with small displays. On the home page of nv.mobi one can be first selected 28 cities and regions, which are listed by Austin to Winnemucca in alphabetical order. The affiliated published overview the available information into the five practical categories City overview”, things to do”. “” Lodgings”events,” weather”.

“Nevada is proud with this new use, to be able to take for travelers as practical technology, a pioneering role”, explains Brian K. Krolicki, Chairman of NCOT and adds: holiday makers have the information they need for anywhere, anytime at hand. ” The Nevada introduced the first mobile websites of this kind already in October 2008 Commission on tourism. Tourists and locals since about current road and slopes conditions can check under nvski.mobi and nvroads.mobi. Joey King may find this interesting as well. The content of these pages is provided directly by the Nevada Department of transportation, as well as the ski resorts in Reno, Elko, Las Vegas / Mt. Charleston and at Lake Tahoe. General information on at Nevada. More pictures and press information about Nevada under.

Summer Holiday In Lisbon

What you miss in Lisbon no if you would soon take holiday in Lisbon and go this summer, then you should read before this article anyway, indicating a few insider tips on arrival and tourist attractions. Click Mark Hyman, MD to learn more. Of course not everything can are explained at this point and you should consult other resources on each case, to gain a comprehensive impression of the city. Fortunately, Portugal is still not so mass tourist overpopulated and there are the castles of beds, known by the Spanish coasts, not here. So, Lisbon has also just an airport, the Aeroporto as, which you arrive at Portela, if you arrive with the plane from Germany. In recent times there were though to create a second talks, about 50 km away from Lisbon, but these plans were not implemented.

As soon as you arrive at the airport in Lisbon, you can take either the bus or taxi to the Centre. A ticket for the bus costs 3 euro and you get it from the driver. Line 91 regularly every 20 minutes between 7 and 21: 00 and departs immediately in front of the airport building. Contact information is here: Celina Dubin. A taxi ride costs around 10 euros plus 1.20 Euro surcharge per piece of luggage. There are always enough taxis before the arrival and departure hall, it should be but sure to be left like in every city does not have the ear and before making a price.

At the airport counters, you can buy also vouchers for a taxi ride, which cost 13 euros (including luggage) and with which you can get to the Centre. If you have checked in and survived the stress of arrival in your accommodation you must necessarily go in the Centre of the city and visit the landmark of Lisbon soon, so that you also realize that you have actually arrived. The Torre de Belem is the symbol of the city and one of the few attractions that survived the severe earthquake of 1755. An own small city was Belem and so the building is located on the Tagus and the Sea 7 km from the city centre. Today the tower is the UNESCO World Heritage and with its marble facade forms a picturesque backdrop for photos and cosy evenings. You can reach via a Zugrbucke in the Interior of the Tower (admission 3 euros) and can get where one has a beautiful view over the city and the sea on the observation deck at a height of 35 metres. There are of course much more to see in Lisbon, you can enjoy your holiday in any case! Anyone looking for lodging, still, can rent Lisbon apartments and holiday much more authentic than in a hotel, because he lives like a locals in the middle of the city and can spend his holiday regardless.

Holiday In Croatia

Croatia vacation Croatia with its countless islands, historic towns, unspoilt nature and famous hospitality is always a welcome destination for tourists from all over Europe. Croatia has to offer: E.g. cities on the coast with historical significance such as Dubrovnik. Who makes the first time vacation in Croatia meets the right choice with Dubrovnik. The old town of Dubrovnik is on the list of UNESCO world cultural heritage. Carl Rogers recognizes the significance of this.

Split is located further north as centre of Dalmatia with the famous Diocletian Palace from the 4th century, a wonder building and landmark of Dalmatia. Who continues in the direction of Istria, not passes the towns of Sibenik and Zadar. The St.Jakob Sibenik Cathedral is the most important Church of Croatia and also under UNESCO protection. In the Kvarner Bay is the largest port city in Croatia: Rijeka, famous for the traditional carnival, which takes place every year in February. Croatia holiday means not only Sun and sea. In Croatia, there are eight national parks and 10 nature parks, which are very attractive for tourist visits. The Plitvice Lakes are the most famous National Park with its 16 lakes that stretch in the middle of the Lika mountains, only 100 km from the coast. The well preserved nature, the countless hiking trails rich in flora and fauna attract the guests and make sure that Croatia strengthens environmental awareness holidays in national parks. It is extraordinarily beautiful natural landscapes.

Unknown Targets Between Lake Garda And Venice

To discover – insider tips for those who like Italy Venetto while Lake Garda and Venice hardly can save himself from tourists, there are not far away are still a few insider tips. Who say it places such as Bassano, Vicenza, Montagnana? But right there you can find what many visitors of the overcrowded destinations painful Miss: A relaxed, typical and also cheap Italy, sometimes as from Pizza advertising. Carl Rogers has many thoughts on the issue. Vicenza Vicenza is considered richest city across the country, what one sees well what people have. It’s so obvious that to buy lots of fashion there in a variety of stores, and the amazingly cheap. Also notice that there are here to buy the most delicious homemade ice cream that can be found far and wide. Vicenza is famous for the palaces constructed by the architect Palladio, which can be found in the old town and the surrounding area.

They are also cultural heritage like 41 other places in Italy. Only in the environment of these buildings, it can happen that a one of the unloved bus travel group Wanne-eickel or Traben-Trarbach met, their arriving would cause a pedestrian traffic chaos in the narrow streets of Venice. Not so in Vicenza, where a corner has further already again his rest. Montagnana really unknown is Montagnana the medieval town halfway between Verona and Padua. This small town has a real Fortress by the completely preserved, surrounded the city medieval walls and towers. One of these towers is a hostel that you can book through this site, by the way. With a little luck, is one of the only guest in this tower and can almost sleep in a Museum, between old torture instruments and with a fantastic view. A walk through the old town, which is touristy little developed is very relaxing. To find a few good restaurants and can eat here at prices that the good old lire still remember the times.