The Airport Tempelhof To Be Living Cultural Heritage

“” Petition filed – more than 2000 people sign call petition filed more than 2000 people sign call the Tempelhof airport is supposed to be “The initiator of living cultural heritage initiative the Tempelhof airport is supposed to be” Volker Perplies, living cultural heritage, passed today the President of the Standing Conference of Annegret Kramp Karrenbauer and the Governing Mayor Klaus Wowereit signature lists with more than 2000 signatories to German President Horst Kohler, Chancellor Angela Merkel,. “The initiators indicate the high architectural and historical value of the airport in the petition and urge the competent institutions, the airport Berlin-Tempelhof as a unique cultural-historical monument in its modern, functioning State preserve and the UNESCO Welterbekommitee for inclusion in the World Heritage list of humanity to present.” the Tempelhof airport was not only being as the oldest commercial airport in the world, he is also, as hardly a different structure for the recent history of Berlin, Germany, and the world. Not only lucky circumstances, which have led to his current state, are at the same time historical testimony, Memorial and a source of Berliner identity.”according to the petition. The topic of Tempelhof is no longer only a topic for Berlin, nearly half of signatures comes from Germany and other countries of the world. People have signed across all population groups, by the student to the University Professor. A task of the Tempelhof, due to suspected legal risks for the large airport BBI stands in relation to the historical loss”, so Perplies. The history of the world would have been different without Tempelhof. The topic is on the agenda of the Federal Government, and the UNESCO”.

“Although the concept of world heritage ‘ suggests, the UNESCO unfortunately only on the proposal of the participating country decides that makes the goat in Berlin in a sense to the gardener.” says Perplies, the already in December 2007 private has turned to UNESCO. Many of the sites nominated at time of Germany are while undoubtedly valuable, with Tempelhof, we have a truly history monument, which is moreover still acutely threatened in its structure.” The idea of the UNESCO of world heritage was founded in 1960, as in Egypt of the construction of the Aswan Dam led to the flooding of Temple of Abu Simbel. The Temple could be implemented and saved by international usage. Was created as a consequence and in 1972 UNESCO World Heritage Convention, which makes it the obligation to the participating States, the so-called world heritage site to capture and protect. It was adopted in 1975. “About us: the initiative of Berlin-Tempelhof airport to be living UNESCO World Heritage” Tempelhof is committed to the preservation of the historic airport in Berlin and the appointment to the world cultural heritage. Before the Office of the Federal President: Volker Perplies contact person: Dipl.-ing. Volker Perplies. Robellweg 91A, 13125 Berlin Tel: (0 30) 94 63 31 56 fax: (0 30) 94 63 31 57 E-Mail: Internet: