Peter II that in 1850 already wanted to create the Province of the Tapajs, have 150 years more than, still in century XIX. But, now, as all the voters of Par go to have total freedom to be against or the favor, goes to leave of being only one proposal. If really the division of the State will be approved, the Tapajs will be the third greater in totality of area and, with all certainty, you of it will be more easy for the regions where it does not have many resources, on account to be far from the capital. As well as us, here in Itaituba, therefore the government of the preference for the regions that are more close to it and we whom we are far are left we stop backwards. When federal government comes something it can believe that already it has much time in the paper. But now the hour of the great change arrived, where all of this discarded region go to vote YES for the Tapajs and for the Carajs it stops in feeling them independent of truth.

The CREATION OF the STATE OF the TAPAJS IGOR I CASTRATE 20 SENA With the creation of the state of the Tapajs will have several chances for the population as: jobs, increase of population and opening of highways. The creation of this state has as objective to be independent of Par and to improve the development of the population. With this new state it will be very good for the inhabitants of low Amazon and southwestern paraense, therefore the region has one of the lowest partner-economic levels of the country, however with the new state the federal government more does not go to exist this problem therefore will start to look at different for this region of the country. However, not yet we know if it goes to be approved the creation of the Tapajs.