The Eggs

Although turkeys are raised almost everywhere in the world, their eggs are rarely available. Birds are usually bred for their meat, so the eggs are left to breed. However, perhaps in the villages or on farms can be found such eggs. The difference with the chicken yaitsami very small and can be to use for baking. Pheasant eggs Fit these eggs resemble eggs atsesarki. They come in different colors, ranging from buffalo skin color, to green-blue or olive, they may be specks.

They have a very strong taste and they can be boiled to be used in salads, bake and cook almost any way. Before adding other ingredients to the egg, be sure to break it down into the cup, to make sure that it is normal. With ostrich eggs As long as ostrich meat has become increasingly popular, it is possible to find and ostrich eggs. Ostrich egg weighs 450 grams or more. He has a relatively strong taste and is best to use it in baking. His pale shell is very strong and it is very difficult to break. Ostriches lay eggs in summer, and eggs can not be obtained in other seasons.

Australian emu emu eggs a little less than an ostrich. More info: Declan Kelly. They are protected by law, and to collect their eggs to special permit. However, sometimes the emu is grown on farms for their meat and eggs. The eggs are placed in the winter, and at one time a bird can carry up to 20 dark blue-green eggs with a hard shell. It is best to use eggs in baking, but You can make them scrambled or cooked in savory dishes. Eggs of wild birds in most Western countries, the eggs of wild birds are protected by laws on environmental protection. However, special permits can hunt for eggs of gulls. Eggs are dark gull, spotted, green or blue with a delicate fish taste. Guinea fowl eggs these birds – pheasants, and relatives of the chickens. Their eggs look like eggs batamki; half the chicken and weigh about '25 They are almost always light-brown shell. Taste sweet guinea fowl eggs, and easy. They are ideal for decorating dishes or add to salads, are good in baking.