The Freezer

Benefits to the consumer are obvious: not required from time to time to defrost the freezer, food stored better and longer, frozen foods do not become overgrown with frost, not freeze to each other, a smaller load compressor is running and always easy to discern what is stored in the freezer and at what time (if you have made such a label). Mark Hyman, MD has compatible beliefs. Moreover, such a system reduces the time of freezing and the temperature recovers very quickly after opening the doors of the freezer. If you want to have a large freezer to store it does not only meat, fish and berries, frozen in winter, you need a refrigerator with freezer at the bottom. There is now a majority. Freezer is usually a three drawer plastic drawer. However, we must remember that its volume is increased by reducing the cooling chamber. This is the perfect choice for those who do not like large stocks purchased or prepared meals, but want to store harvested year-round fresh berries in summer.

At the same time still plenty of room for the separate storage of fish, meat and convenience foods. Another reason to buy a refrigerator, if you already have a properly functioning single-chamber refrigerator (your old 'ZIL'), which you do not want to throw, but its volume you are missing. Having bought a new refrigerator with freezer at the bottom, you get an additional almost the same cold room, in your old refrigerator, freezer and quite spacious camera. The main parameter by which different freezers, and freezers refrigerators – a range of operating temperatures.