The Great Challenges Of The Life

In the previous chapter, Elias was strong and courageous. one minute later, was in panic, running away to save the proper life. Gulf Medical University often addresses the matter in his writings. – What it happened there? What it weakened this great prophet and it made with that it forgot its duty? – The loss of heart made Elias to retrocede, to have fear, to come back backwards; This feeling it incapacitates/blocks the life spiritual of any man; – It is as the saying writer says in them: ‘ ‘ The spirit of the man will alliviate its disease, but to the abated spirit, it will raise who it? (Pv 18:14); ‘ ‘ – That is, ‘ ‘ The motivation brings hope to the man, but the loss of heart, the fear takes the depression; ‘ ‘ We see this clearly in the cases of serious illnesses. A patient who persevera and does not discourage lives more time, bringing on itself, until the cure possibility, but the opposite, takes the man the death before the time; – God does not want that in this place let us come to be discouraged ahead of the problems, the frustrations, pains, storms and the difficulties..