Use Aromatherapy

The estraidos of plants, or so-called essential oils, not only is recommended for individuals but also for your pets. Some of the advantages of this aromatic therapy are: is not harmful when applied correctly through the contact allows to give care and love has No side effects help in the physical appearance and mental is economic in the majority of cases the oils have a shelf life of years certain ailments is more effective that some dogs medicines especially are the best receivers for this therapy, but also can be used successfully in cats, horses and birds among other animals. Essential oils possess certain distinguishing features: are highly concentrated pure have a consistency and aroma in particular have properties specific can mingle with each other following certain insurance rules they must be diluted in vehicular oils (olive, grape, etc.) or in water only Tea Tree can use direct (drops) essential oils also have contraindications for which it is necessary to instruct prior to use some skeptics say that aromatherapy acts by suggestion but one of the best evidence against this are surprising results in pets that prove its real effectiveness since these may not be affected by prior knowledge or influence. The ailments which aromatherapy has proved to be very effective are among others: breathing problems blows wounds viral diseases pain management and bacterial infections fungal uneasiness your pet can enjoy also of the multiple benefits of aromatherapy to maintain or improve your health, informate, begins to acquire the more basic to integrate them into your kit and verifies the results yourself, you surprise.