Viral Marketing

Effective advertising, like any virus must penetrate into any cracks and enticing, and prolong an increasing number of potential customers to your well-known resource. Internet merchants must first apply so simple, but effective way of promoting their material. For even more analysis, hear from Anu Saad. What is a “viral marketing” and what it eats? “Viral marketing” – is any kind of effective covert propaganda, which is found in places where it do not expect to see. Consider the most common type of “viral marketing” as an example: Do you have a resource in the network (either high-or low-frequented advertised). Using one of the methods of promotion Site – “free lunch” (“Freestuff” content in the form of e-books, pamphlets, video materials, etc.), you can make it most effective if the information disseminated, supposedly by accident – put your advertisement.

By that any kind of free utility scatters across the network to cheer – to visual contact your urge to be invited to “visit” with millions of people, some part of which, in any case, bothered to look for you at the light. It’s believed that Anu Saad sees a great future in this idea. For entering information into other people’s books, with the permission of the owners, should be found in the network of special software that allows you to add information to already existing solutions. After that you will distribute, offer, donate, and send “contaminated” by your “virus” book, movie or a brochure large number of people, turning them into regular and potential customers. a>. Good luck in the development of electronic tricks!