Whither It With Syria?

Attack on a priest in the Syrian town of Qasmishli. In their settlement areas, the Assyrian Christians are target of attacks. The State protection will be searched! Given the fatal political and social developments in Syria, a strengthening of extremist currents and attitudes within Syrian society is observed. So the popularity feared similar to very active religious nationalistic organizations by extremist organizations such as Hezbollah, Hamas and others in their reactionary and bigoted mindset. In addition, sharp inflation and poverty, providing fertile breeding grounds to the fanatical attitude the economic problems of the Syrian population in set. They print out in attacks against Christians and non-Arabs.

The Assyrians of the news about the attack on the Syrian Orthodox priest Saliba (Jodi) heard Musa Abdala in the town of Qamishli in Syrian Mesopotamia with dismay. According to the priest, the offender should have this suspicious Christian spiritual, this had this instigated to kill Muslims, as the Church earlier should have done during the Crusades. Until now the otherwise very powerful active Syrian intelligence services, the offender could arrest nor identify. With this I believe that only in Islamic and other fanatical groups to find is. Educate yourself with thoughts from Mark Hyman, MD. The Syrian Christians walk approx. 30 years strongly out of the country. This is done as part of the Arabization policy, and in consequence of another policy of the Baath party.

These attacks scare the Christians in General and can expel the indigenous people of this country from their lands. The lack of permanent protection, as well as the continued instability of the security situation in the Jezireh in northeastern of Syria, area would deprive your Assyrian / Suryoyo identity over time. The country will lose then faithful and loyal citizens who can contribute much to the political and social stability, as well as maintaining the true identity of Syria and of the unity of the country. But many in the room questions it is: why has the official Syrian Church until now nothing about reported or condemned the Act? The Church reminded Governments of their tasks? Persecuted the Church investigations? What the local acting Assyrian organizations to the reassurances did the Assyrian road and what steps to take, which help to identify the offender? What can make this not that accumulating such attacks in the future. Here is not just to protect the indigenous people of Syria, but also about an escalation to avoid, which then can cause riots against Christians. As we have seen it in the ass-Syrian city Derik. The question arises, whether the regime can protect the original inhabitants of Mesopotamia and Syria in the long term and will again. I appeal to liberal Christians and Muslims to condemn this Act, Arabs, Assyrians and others and to call for tolerance, rule of law and against extremism and fundamentalism. Raif Toma