50% more likely to have an accident in Madrid that in Barcelona, these are the results of a study on security at the wheel performed by the Direct insurance insurance, based on a sample of 100,000 policies in this study are collected several facts that give clues about the habits of drivers in Madrid and Barcelona. In Madrid there are more likely to suffer an accident, 50% more than in Barcelona. In the city there are more serious accidents, 30% more than in Madrid. In the capital singles accidents are most common although they are more serious in Barcelona. Serious accidents of singles in Barcelona three times to those of the capital. In Madrid the vehicles more likely to have an accident are minivans (60% higher), cars (47.8% versus 31.2% of Barcelona) and SUVs (43.4% versus 28.6%).

In the capital more cars insured with coverage there any risk without franchise (170% more) and with a basic insurance to third parties (63%), while in Barcelona there are 52% more vehicles with extended coverage to third parties. In Barcelona more accidents in autumn and summer there while that in the capital, the spring exceeds 33% frequency of accidents to Barcelona. However, and despite the differences between one and another city, Madrid and Barcelona also share some statistics. In both cities there are more likely to collide on Mondays and Fridays, days that represent nearly 40% of weekly accidents. And in addition, in both cities accident rates occur among drivers under the age of 30 years.