Can Coffee Compromise Health?

I declare myself a fan of coffee. When I take my morning coffee, a veil of tedious weariness takes hold of my mind. It must be because I’m addicted to caffeine and my body needs its daily dose. But I learned that coffee has many pharmacological properties and favors neuronal activity also has diuretic properties and promotes cardiac activity, and last but not least, you have proven aphrodisiac powers. So I have strong reasons to pause and prepare a rate of my latest acquisition, an exquisite blend of Arabica coffee produced in Italy. Certainly the Italians, who are not producers of coffee, make the best coffee in the world. And as they do? for his taste for the pleasures of life and its inventive design and led them to create the best machines for drying grain by dry air.

So now as I write these lines the pungent aroma of coffee fills the room, sometimes transported to remote and exotic places and other small cafes of Paris, Florence and Buenos Aires. As a connoisseur, with time I have met a variety of instruments required for the development of a good coffee. Coffee makers of all kinds, grinders, including a classic machine to make cappuccinos and maquiatos as God intended. But my greatest pride is a collection of coffee mugs that I have gathered over many years. A great discovery was to find an Internet service that lets you customize coffee mugs with the image or message you want. I have designed special coffee mugs to each member of my family. They are the perfect gift to surprise friends and to enjoy a coffee laughing at the antics they say our bowls. I recommend it, see the movie on Well, in short, still do not know if coffee is a drink, a drug, medicine or poison, Perosi know it’s the perfect excuse to stop for a while the maelstrom of life and recharge batteries having a nice time for conversation.