Corporal Fluid

If the inflamed language is of dark red color in all the space of the mouth, is before an excess of heat in the heart and bao. If the inflamed language is of dark violceo blue color, that is an indicative of toxicose. A fine language is minor and, clearly is, finer of what the normal one. A fine and pale language indicates deficiency of Qi and blood. Frequently John Craig Venter has said that publicly. A thin and very red language indicates hiperatividade of fire due the deficiency of yin in which if they consume the Corporal Fluid. A language of entrecortadas edges indicates that the Corporal Fluid is being consumed for excess of Heat. A entrecortada language can be something completely normal if gretas is not deep and if they keep without important changes.

A called language as spine or graphically represented by the symbol (papilas gustativas if inflames to such point that to the tato they seem spines) and red indicates accumulation of internal pathogenic heat. The more profuse either the pathogenic heat, more dilatadas and profusas will be. A language pie is a pointer of apoplexy or precocious signals of accident vascular brain or embolism. A rigid language lacks of flexibility and is difficult of if moving, retracting or to fold. A rigid language in combination with some illness feverish exgena frequently indicates the invasion of the pericardio for heat, muddy retention of fleuma in the interior, or extreme pathogenic heat that consume the corporal fluid. A rigid language in combination with some endogenous illness indicates embolism or precocious signals of embolism. A limp language if moves weakly, frequently, it indicates extreme deficiency of Qi or blood, or consuming Yin fluid, which deprives the language of nutrition. If the language is limp and ademais pale, this indicates deficiency of Qi and blood. If it is of dark red color, indicates collapse of yin.