The trend in expanding the search and the use of energies alternatives you renewed, clean and cheap it is inexorable and imperative. Energy politics of long stated period must inhibit negative externalidades, as the pollution, and prioritize the discovery of new sources, the reduction of the consumption and the change of prodigal styles of life, with the sustainable use of the natural resources. The cleanness of the atmosphere is a task for diverse generations, and the world is delayed in its execution. Many studious scientists and believe that they will be necessary about a thousand years alone controlling the temperature of the planet, so great are the degree of impregnation of the atmosphere. The carbon dioxide can remain of five the two hundred years in the atmosphere. The system of the Land behaves as an only, autorregulador system, formed for physical, chemical, biological and human components.

Organisms, rocks of surface, ocean and atmosphere narrowly are joined as a system integrated in evolution, with the objective to keep the balance of the conditions of surface favorable to the current life. According to Lovelock, the global heating already interrupted this balance and the return point already was exceeded, since the human being is not prepared for the sustainable development, but, yes, for the sustainable withdrawal. However, one becomes necessary to find alternatives to reestablish the balance of the planet, and one of the half ones to reach this is to use the energy more efficiently, of form not to allow its entrpica degradation, but, yes, to stimulate the thermodynamic parsimony. When developing energy renewable, and non-polluting, diminishes it emission of gases that provoke the effect greenhouse, mitigating the global heating. For return of 80% of these gases they are proceeding from the burning of oil, coal and gas, and the others 20% are proceeding from the deforestation and the forest fires. About 50% of set free Co2 it is reabsorvido by the oceans, reforestations and the vegetal growth (the plants use Co2 as fertilizing).

The remain migra for atmosphere. The fsseis fuels will go to extinguish themselves of the face of the Land, but until this occurs, in a horizon that can arrive a century more than, it urges that other actions for the preservation of the species and the life are initiated. The road transport contributes with 17% of the world-wide Co2 emissions. In U.S.A., country detainer of the biggest fleet of automobiles of the world, the contribution of automotivos vehicles for the global heating arrives 20% in virtue of the high consumption of its enormous cars of luxury and of almost the inexistence of the fuel use you renewed. Homo sapiens already proved, after 5 a thousand years of civilization, that can win the challenges of the exhaustion of natural resources, illnesses and deteriorations of the environment, although, in isolated cases, as the Island of Passover, not to have been capable to make it. The great human error is to extract, of the place where it lives, energy in very superior dimensions to that of course they are disponibilizadas by the nature. This occurs since the beginning of century XIX and is an error quantitative, and not qualitative, of entrpica degradation. The time of a new idea arrived. The energy matrices of the nations will be composed for diverse sources, with migration each more intense time of dirty and finite energies for clean sources and renewed, as: aeolian, solar, biomass, geothermal, of the tides. certainly new sources will appear, deriving of the sapincia human being.