Green Tea Extract

Yes, ladies and gentlemen! Normal people who have read my message this far =)), the usefulness of vitamins in our malevolent world to prove anything is not necessary. The main thing that vitamins have been really helpful. The work of our body is 95% dependent on a sufficient number of minerals in it. Minerals are not produced by our body and absorbed from vegetables and fruits. Minerals – is Transport for vitamins. VEMMA contains 65 essential minerals in a liquid ionic form. VEMMA – a unique product for a complete vitamin and mineral support our body. It is the liquid form is absorbed instantly and 98% What are the ingredients? – Aloe Vera.

Cleanses the stomach and intestines, which improves the absorption of vitamins and minerals. – Green Tea Extract – Vitamins and minerals. Powerful antioxidants (antioxidants) Free Thein. – Mangosteen (Mangosteen) – contains the highest amount of antioxidants – Xanthones. I would say that it is an expensive piece of fruit – in Europe it costs one euro apiece. But one of the ten most delicious, along with mango and orange. A oriental medicine men for centuries used it in their practice.

It is likely that VEMMA – the most powerful antioxidant beverage in the world! And now briefly about what the oxidants, and why fight them. Oxidants – it oxidants, free radicals, that destroy our bodies and their dashing activities. Antioxidants – neutralize free radicals in their destructive course. And free radicals arise from: – polluted the atmosphere – E supplementation (240, 121, 123, 641, 621, 330 …) – drugs – extreme sports – electromagnetic waves stress – smoking – Alcohol And now tell me – who does not? Hence the disease at age 30, cancer at 40, and undermine the immune system in childhood …. Sadly ((The researchers found that a person needs to consume at least 3,000 units. antioxidants. And the average resident uses them less than 900 units. Already no secret that the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables in our stores dropped substantially! 1 cup VEMMA replaces 15 kg. fruits and vegetables! In addition to the fortified complex VEMMA offers the most useful energy drink in the world VERVE (verve). Imagine that you have a busy day around a lot of people who have one of his the presence of siphoning your energy by the ton, and even heat on the street … and even a half-day jam … Take VERVE, and your strength will return to you very quickly! It consists of guarana + taurine. Without glucose (sugar). And only 72 calories. It is recommended to athletes. Product quality is guaranteed VERVE certified GMP. As well as the choice of people in 28 countries in Europe, America and Asia. Each batch of products is controlled by independent laboratories to genuineness and quality! Confirmed the action of products VEMMA-positive effect on the immune system and inflammatory processes in the human body (double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled test) GET INVOLVED – DO NOT regret it! Official Web site: Do not forget to switch on your native language (flag at the top of the page) – the site is translated into many languages, including Russian. A register of companies in As a member, or just a buyer can be in my page: by clicking the link Buy / Join Vemma top of page. I want to say that buy the products is very convenient – online store by entering loginparol specified in registration and get you all home delivery by the company. Shipping included in price. It is here – all for the people! Be healthy and happy!