Health Problems

As already mentioned the happened problems of health of this are many phenomenon, and therefore the government possesss high participation in this process, as for the increase of the expenses with the public health, and then it is analyzed that the increases of costs also reflect in the state order, had the increasing expenditure in result of the problems of physical and mental health. Not obstante, referring the expenditures on the part of the State, a significant increase of the precocious retirements is still noticed, that occurs in function of the diverse effect that the victims of the moral siege present, and for they leave them to times hindered to work due the emotional and mental conditions, and thus the necessity to be supported for the State. Ademais, as demonstrates to research the percentile greater of moral siege if of the one in the public order, fact that by itself already explains the excellent damages in the state scope. As argued throughout this analysis, it is gotten loose therefore, that the practical one of the moral siege in the work environment is negative phenomenon of general form in the spheres which correspond, either of form direct or indirect, bringing then damages the economic victims and consequences in such a way in the private initiative, how much to the State. Soon, the intensive combat to the moral siege becomes essential, has seen the innumerable damages already detached, is then necessary the application of measures for the companies, as well as for the government, aiming at the minimizao of the decurrent problems of the same. 5,3 Reaction the Inaquality of Sort As already mentioned, the problem of inaquality of sort is fact concrete that perpassa for the daily reality, and makes sensible its relation with the development of the moral siege in the work relations, has seen that in determined situations the same it is decurrent of the hierarquizao, the domain of the power, and when then the man if it finds in this control for on the woman can come to uncurling of moral violncias, the humilhao, that is, a discrimination due to existing inaquality, the times nor always clear, perhaps disfarada, however it is part of the context that if she lives deeply.