Our DNA can analysis indicate that two people are related and the SmartMatching technology by MyHeritage can compare their two family trees and find the link. We are pleased especially, that we also have an easy way can offer our customers by MyHeritage to stay with their relatives around the world in contact.” MyHeritage is one of the leading online offerings for families. Learn more at: John Craig Venter. On the website, users can find relatives, explore their family history, and stay with other family members around the world in contact. MyHeritage also provides a groundbreaking recently Technology that can automatically detect faces in digital photos and mark with the name of the people. This so-called tagging photos makes it easier and faster to organize, to search for photos or to share photos with family and friends the photo collection.

Using the MyHeritage MyHeritage is one of the world’s largest networks for families and the second largest site for family research and genealogy. MyHeritage is available in 34 languages and is a virtual home for more than 27 million members and 280 million people profiles. The company has recently bought the family network Kindo un is headquartered in Bnei Atarot, close to Tel Aviv, Israel. For more information, please visit: an introduction video to the automatic tagging of photos there. About family tree DNA In April 2000 founded family tree DNA (www.familytreedna.com) was made available the first company, the DNA tests for genealogy: until then such tests were used only for scientific research. Since then has the company developed a range of methods of analysis and genealogy programs that made her international respect einbegracht and they to the world’s most popular provider of DNA testing not only for genealogists, but everyone, the deeper in be family history would like to dive. Nowadays, family tree has nearly 220 000 test results and thus is the best source of near and distant family connections.