Restore Youth Skin

'What is she an amazing skin! You would not give this woman more than 20! " Do not you think each of us, reaching a milestone age, which is called maturity, wants to hear such words in his address. For today, that the state and the biological age of skin – the concepts are not identical, they are highly individual and depends on several factors. The main causes of skin changes in the direction of decay are exposed to UV photo- radiation, oxidative (oxidation) processes, the destruction of collagen and the gradual loss of natural moisture. The skin loses its ability to effectively defend against the negative impact of the environment, decreases its elasticity, wrinkles appear first … Is it possible to turn back the march of time, restoring skin to its former beauty and youth? Modern Beauty gives a positive answer to this question. The most popular and effective method is biorevitalization – the transformation of the biological structure of the skin to restore its source, a young quality – moisture content, elasticity, tone.

If literally translated word 'Biorevitalization' work – 'bioozhivlenie' skin by biological recovery. The term "biorevitalization", meaning the method of intradermal injection of drugs based on natural hyaluronic acid has been proposed Italian doctors have been successfully used these drugs in general practice. This innovative and highly effective technique normalizes metabolic processes in the dermis, allows you to restore tone, elasticity and color, characteristic of youthful and healthy skin. Biorevitalization hyaluronic acid can be used absolutely anywhere on the skin in need of "restoration." As a rule, face, neck, decollete, hands – they are more likely others exposed to ultraviolet light, resulting in decreased turgor, skin tone and elasticity. The essence of the method: The procedure is performed in a beauty shop, doctor, dermatologist, cosmetologist. The drug is injected intradermally with a fine needle. On areas of skin where treatment is taking place a drug may appear normal at injecting interfering reactions such as redness, which pass through several hours.

Within a few days after the injections should not expose themselves to sudden temperature changes, visit a solarium or sauna. Effects: – restored the optimal level of hydration of tissues – Upgrade elasticity of the skin – ideal conditions are restored for the life of skin cells that begin to produce new collagen and elastin fibers – restored microcirculation, which provides improved inflow of nutrients and oxygen to the tissues – provides long-term protection of the skin from the damaging effects of free radicals. Biorevitalisation procedure has the right to just cosmetologist who has appropriate license. Guided by the individual patient and the overall aesthetic problem, the physician selects a drug injection equipment is an individual plan and the number of procedures. Injections fine needle into specific points on the diffusion of the drug offer (hyaluronic acid and amino acids) across the surface of the face, neck, chest and hands. Thus, the most effective moisture and stimulation with minimal traumatization of the skin, ie, without the risk of hematomas. Typically, for an introductory course quite six treatments: one session a week for four weeks and then two more sessions with a break of 15 days. You have the opportunity to experience and enjoy this pronounced and prolonged effect of biostimulation, returns youth to your skin!