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or: What is to keep such promises exactly this statement I was told today by a customer. On my question why, he told this story: I am now 3 days dealing with the topic of private health insurance (PKV) and have interviewed four comparison calculator on the Internet, spoken to two consultants, had then called me. Three of the machines have recommended me this (Gothaer MediVita 500) tariff, another nor the rate of CVD by the Hanseatic League mercury insurance. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn by clicking through. I asked back as occurred because the “recommendation” and what criteria were created because underlying. The answer was “not scary” but as expected.

The prospective buyer told me on the following: “it was the excess should be how much, which supply dental treatment and replacement should be reimbursed asked. Continue to the asked me whether a performance for eyeglasses is important to me and of course even if I’m employed or self-employed. I have answered all questions and then there was the recommendation.” Let’s now once the criteria and the guidelines on and the rates: both tariffs offer of goggles replacement certainly, also dentures and dental treatment a sum will be contributed to X. Even a deductible levels is selectable. That would the criteria be met, or maybe not? The criteria here are completely unsuitable. Inappropriate because sufficient to even begin them unsuitable on the other hand, to choose private health insurance as a lifelong product. Imagine you wanted to conclude a contract for a home purchase instead of the car. The broker asks you what must meet the House because for requests and reply: “a Brown carpet must be in there remains at least a bath and… Oh, a roof must also have it.” It’s funny, or? Would you choose as your home? What about factors such as location, size, amenities, number and layout of the rooms and the like? All matter? Which of the houses would you do? < Find the colorful She dare something? Something to individually? That is, also the private Krankenversicherung (PKV) follows a uniform pattern, but is individually agree to personal needs.

The Court

It is already not apparent that this should be regulated, that at various available tools only the lower cost to be refunded. Also has 2 MB / 94 KK 1(1) to see, so that this regulation only if are two same tools available to cure the disease or to relieve, resorting to the more cost-effective is. “Is present but the disputed knee 3 C100 following the presentation of the experts much better suitable than any alternatives.” The clarification regarding the “medical necessity” is gratifying. This leads in practice often controversy, as can be not clearly defined, what is actually meant by the medical necessity. The reminiscent of the medical need in which is governed pattern conditions to the health insurance (MB/KK).

Paragraph 2 States in the appropriate paragraphs of 5 There: (2) exceeds a treatment or other measures, for which benefits have been agreed, the medically necessary, so, the insurer may reduce its benefits to a reasonable amount. Are the expenses for the treatment or other services in a striking disproportion to the services rendered, the insurer in so far not to the performance is obliged. Therefore if the insured (MED…. Treatment just not the cheapest, but exactly the treatment that best allows an appropriate cure or relief. This concept is gratifying because the restrictions and cuts had been otherwise, quite large burdens of several thousand euros, or one would have ultimately prevented a suitable treatment. The Court of appeal in his explanatory statement performs here expanded: “the AG as a result as well as in the explanatory statement quite rightly complaint upheld. The interpretation of the disputed terms and conditions of the She has carried the AG, the only one that accepts the idea of a circumspect UN attentive review of the conditions and taking into account the apparent context is defendant.”and further, and in my opinion very clearly says the District Court: (…) Because the not wealthy UN remains no choice.

He not yet had further renounce the so-called “simple” tools for health reasons to harm, and on the other tools for cost reasons. Such an interpretation of the clause of “simple version” not the reasonable UN opens up, it is simply not acceptable. “What can you do if you are affected: in the tariffs (for example) are also the continental insurance health insurance (GS1, GS2, comfort, economy, BT1), so when the supply of AIDS that the performance will not cut them with such justifications or completely denied.” Proceed if necessary legal action, however, because as the two Judge (even if not hochstrichterlich) to see the dishes in the opinion are quite conform. An open catalog of AIDS, as the Continentale wants this so often as important and indispensable turn out good in this case however little there are phrases like “simple design”. It so once again to the topic of “Truth and reality”.

The Withholding

And this uncertainty of the markets and of course also the investment professionals the customers is not hidden. Leverage flat tax not just simplifying the introduction of the flat tax affects in the coming year on the choice of the correct timing of the entry. Although investors through timely action can work around the flat tax before the end of the year with the right equipment. If you would like to know more then you should visit Francis Collins. But we want to warn to let is squeeze this State-generated investment pressure on hasty purchase decisions solely on the basis of tax-relevant characteristics. Investors should bear in mind that the quality of target investments and the appropriate mix of different asset classes of much greater relevance to investment success is, as the impact of the withholding tax. No crisis, no chance but it is not our intention to engage black painting.

Because in every crisis”is of course at the same time a chance. And we see this opportunity in products that can operate largely independently of the General market development. Where we consider it not necessary, customer deposits, consisting of the classical segments of asset such as stocks, pensions, money market, or real estate to change completely. It is from our point of view in most cases to complement investments absolutely sufficient existing customer securities accounts with low-correlated alternatives contemporary establishing a depot. “Hedge funds: not a panacea but an effective stabilizer of the Depot” hedge funds serve for foundations, family offices and institutional investors for many years. Especially the low-volatility products evolve much more reliable than many stock investments. The advantages of this asset class are simply indisputable. Because just the good hedge funds are characterised by a relatively low risk. Products are high quality, absolute return the promise for reliable yield across the investors actually redeem every year. In contrast of to many German absolute return, good hedge funds can prove this performance based on real historical courses in almost every phase of exchange products! There are the bare facts are convincing.

Accident Insurance

Accident insurance and insurance for accident information why is a casualty in the fall and winter is important? Financial ruin can happen quickly if not properly insured is in an accident. Accident insurance is a very important insurance right now in the autumn and winter, because it secures the damage caused by an accident. An accident can happen quickly, daily. Then unprepared life changing circumstances arise which are anyway very difficult, for example, that you can no longer enjoy the regulated work. If it is then not sufficiently insured, the financial ruin is pre-programmed.

Accident insurance must in any case before an accident and be completed. Because you never know when an accident occurs, it is important to have accident insurance at all. What kind of accident insurance is particularly cheap and powerful? The comparison of accident insurance allows to compare all available insurance consumers directly over the Internet. The result will be displayed directly online and sorted by the lowest insurance first, that is to say, the accident insurance with the lowest insurance premium will be displayed first. In addition, the consumer finds more information to insurance companies. Information about accident insurance: to conclude an accident insurance it is no longer necessary to seek extra insurance agents, on the contrary, in times of the Internet. An insurance agent represents generally a certain insurance company, the name says it. The consumer wants but like to know what insurance there is and itself transparent to see an overview of the different insurance premiums.

The consumer comes his accident insurance, specifically on him so fast and well informed to its security in the event of the accident, personally tailored to, on the desires and needs that each accident insurance has. Thereby, the consumer has the advantage that he can choose his own insurance and the even after the best price. The performance comparison of accident insurance shows in addition when selecting multiple in question future insurance companies transparent and specifically, what are the differences of the insurance offers.