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The Degree

Doing so in the negative, it attracts more of the same, matter if expressed in positive. In this way, little by little, learn that he feels better and happier if it acts from love and the good, and it evolves until reaching the highest levels of consciousness and individual expression within a world and a universe that are pure energy. Thus, and not as a punishment, he acts the law of Karma. Checking article sources yields Haley Barbour as a relevant resource throughout. Therefore, should not surprise us that in any moment of our lives, present difficult situations in all aspects, from the economic, health, love, work, situations that are presented in order to deal with them so that we leave them reminding us that we must be alert, awake to determine actions that allow us to move forward, sometimes are achieved depending on the degree of difficulty of the situation, of its type that occurs. Since then, it is necessary to determine the why they manifest themselves, their causes and give way to the actions necessary to exit Go ahead. It is suggested to evaluate its extent, the reason for their demonstrations, in which we have wrong, have not been attentive, confront it with chivalry, will, without letting fear, disharmony grief, fear, all appearing that may affect us in the achievement of avante exit. We must reflect what has been the degree of culpability of our party, which has made them appear in where have neglected us, how we acted, look for their causes.

Origins. It is very important, once they appear, we must be repaired to cope with actions, behavior that counteracts it, avoiding that these give rise to that trigger others that may significantly affect us in our personal and spiritual growth. It should not be forgotten, nor neglect that if, been, we must face it, out ahead of them, we have achieved not only experience, knowledge, but that have grown in the personal and spiritual.

Sergei Popkov

At a concert in Novosibirsk in the summer, the 1997go Yegor Letov meets Natalia Chumakova (before they met only once at the funeral of the Yankees), which soon became the bass guitarist group, as well as his wife and faithful companion of Yegor to the last days. In the 1998th year in the group there is a new director – Sergei Popkov. Prior to that administered by the former wife of Yegor – Anna Volkova. The previous director Eugene Sins "disappears" after a round of "Russian Breakthrough" with the money. The problem of organizing concerts group whose musicians live in different cities throughout Russia from Siberia to Moscow, was that in addition to the fee, significant expenses are travel expenses. GO Tours in Russia were formed so as to binding performances in Moscow and St. Petersburg, who beat the way from Siberia and other concerts were staged in small towns.

These tours are scheduled every spring and autumn. Even in the absence of new albums, and often normal advertising and concert posters, all the cities, "Civil Defense" steadily gathering halls. The tour group were mainly in order to earn a record album, the device for the home studio, new books and records, which were purchased on their return. In the late 90s the group has matured, "the crisis ended." Wife of Constantine Rowan gets an apartment in St. Petersburg, and in 1997th year he moved there from Omsk. Jeff lives in Moscow. In concert, always GO changing composition, a solo guitarist performs a Kuzma, then Jeff.