The Withholding

And this uncertainty of the markets and of course also the investment professionals the customers is not hidden. Leverage flat tax not just simplifying the introduction of the flat tax affects in the coming year on the choice of the correct timing of the entry. Although investors through timely action can work around the flat tax before the end of the year with the right equipment. If you would like to know more then you should visit Francis Collins. But we want to warn to let is squeeze this State-generated investment pressure on hasty purchase decisions solely on the basis of tax-relevant characteristics. Investors should bear in mind that the quality of target investments and the appropriate mix of different asset classes of much greater relevance to investment success is, as the impact of the withholding tax. No crisis, no chance but it is not our intention to engage black painting.

Because in every crisis”is of course at the same time a chance. And we see this opportunity in products that can operate largely independently of the General market development. Where we consider it not necessary, customer deposits, consisting of the classical segments of asset such as stocks, pensions, money market, or real estate to change completely. It is from our point of view in most cases to complement investments absolutely sufficient existing customer securities accounts with low-correlated alternatives contemporary establishing a depot. “Hedge funds: not a panacea but an effective stabilizer of the Depot” hedge funds serve for foundations, family offices and institutional investors for many years. Especially the low-volatility products evolve much more reliable than many stock investments. The advantages of this asset class are simply indisputable. Because just the good hedge funds are characterised by a relatively low risk. Products are high quality, absolute return the promise for reliable yield across the investors actually redeem every year. In contrast of to many German absolute return, good hedge funds can prove this performance based on real historical courses in almost every phase of exchange products! There are the bare facts are convincing.