Armed Forces Russian Federation

Car brand URAL considered one of the toughest cars of our time under extreme conditions of use. These machines work well in areas of temperature ranges from -50 in the cold edge to +50 C in the hottest parts. These cars are hardy, easy to use and stable, that determines their being wanted in various industries, for example, petroleum, construction, gas and other unusual quality automobiles URAL also notes that, that they have identified the main auto unit in the Russian Armed Forces. The set of all special equipment, such as special equipment for oil and gas kompleksastroitelstva and road facilities is made on the chassis of the Urals. In Armed Forces Russian Federation exclusively chassis Ural machines used for missile launchers and tankers, and airborne vehicles URAL military trafficked into the territory of execution mission. The practice of URAL vehicle in various paramilitary conflict confirms that even with the overly critical breakdowns this car could even make great goals. Very famous for tractors, trucks URAL Side car, shift buses.

URAL truck cranes with load capacities from 16 to 26 tons of demand in the construction zone. In the logging is used massively short loggers and timber URAL with hydraulic manipulator. Since they can easily reach the most remote area in the woods, even on the road. In a very tyazhelodostupnyh places in the construction of gas and oil pipe trucks and used cars trubopletevozy URAL. Snow cars of the Urals are efficient even when snow depth of 1 meter. A considerable number of mobile workshops for various purposes is made on URAL chassis. Slide this brand reliable, and racks, and therefore, looking after them, you do best and right decision when the need for work in tyazhelodostupnyh locations and difficult conditions in which any car can not cope. High ability to work marks the Urals achieved through the use in their production quality parts Urals, which are capable of working properly for many years and ensure quality service car, even in especially difficult circumstances.