4,9) -, Jesusdemonstrou to be prepared and made use to decide it, as it would make it with problemasde any order. With the marriages of nowadays it does not happen different. Many times financial and material questions transtornam in such way the integrant vidados ones of the family, who is difficult the harmony in the home. She is necessary that, to the way of what he happened with the marriage in Sugar cane, Jesus is invited to paraestar today present in the marriages and the families of (v. 2).

The stability of the marriage In one tempoem that many people devaluate the marriage and the family to procurandoestabelecer superficial relationships for not committing itself, to valelembrar that the intention is not this the holy ghost for the family. The intention of Deuspara all human being is to find an friend, to constitute family and to keep healthful umcasamento that has stability and has taken the members of the umestado family constant of happiness and the accomplishment. It was thus, at the outset, when it perceived that it was not good that the man was alone (Gn2.18), and continues being thus, therefore this intention of God did not move. To the serinterrogado one, certain time, when it was in the confines of the Jew, for beyond doJordo, for fariseus concerning the divorce, Jesus it left well clearly quecasamentos made for God cannot be dissolved (TM 19,1-12). ' ' Therefore, oque God gathered, does not separate homem&#039 to it; ' (v.6), paraaqueles was the affirmation of the Master that they intended to make to stumble it at words and concepts. Question of the reality of that all the marriages are in fact originary emDeus or if many of them are not proceeding from human arrangements. Concessesde repudiation made by Moiss to liberate women unproctected for novoscasamentos, Jesus debited &#039 against the account; ' of the hardness of the heart humano' ' (v.