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The Adversaries Of The Adolescence

The Adversaries of the Adolescence Dr. Wagner Paulon 11/2009 When entering in the adolescence we come across in them with infinite adversaries. We were in the world protected, heated and safe from infancy. Our necessities were satisfied for our parents: they were there for placing one esparadrapo in our dedo when we collided with a rock, and kissed our wet eyes of tears when something gave wrong. We played the time almost all, and the life was rose and comfortable. But it is not possible to remain forever in this world of infancy, not more than what it could continue in the womb of our mother.

Something to our front exists better — the stimulaton of the act to grow, to become adult, to have our proper family, to gain our sustenance, to take our proper decisions, to be independent. This is the natural and necessary process for the change of infancy for the adult age. Lamentably, however, we cannot ripen suddenly. She is necessary that let us leave first our protecting world of infancy, and is exactly then that our difficulties start. It will have times where the life will beat in our back one, so to speak, in the same way it made that it before. we can until feeling that we are hung by the heels of time in when. Some new fears and problems will appear, and the world will not reveal so safe how much before. But it is an exciting world, and it will be still better to know what to wait.

With this introduction, therefore, I want to describe some of the new experiences that are give to occur. You soon will have some of the moments most emotive of its life (and some of most frightening also). To more face the infinite adversaries who the adolescents if they worry they disturb and them we suggest, the following steps: In first place, you he must make familiar itself more to its mind, its feelings, its emotions, its attitudes, its body, its hopes and dreams. In according to place, to inquire itself constantly, who you is, for where you go, as to arrive there, and with the things that probably will have to face in the coming years. We go to face these points of front: nothing it will be considered sensible or delicate excessively to argue, since that it is important for those of vocs that have between twelve and twenty years. When reading this article, I long for that it makes with that they desire to argue the subject with somebody in who trust. That this is only the start; it starts to make its proper questions, to express its proper concerns, and to make of the growth a very personal phase in its life.


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