Average Prostate

The ultrasound is used also for the exact determination of the disease stage. Because only slowly developed a Prostatakarziniom men on all cases should take the annual checkup in claim. Only in this way can be diagnosed the disease at an early stage and has very good chances of recovery. A malignant tumour disease that progresses very slowly is treatment and therapy options in a prostate cancer prostate cancer. It can take many years before are real symptoms. In the earlier stage, the disease is discovered mostly by chance. Many men at all do not know that they are ill and because the Average age of disease at ca 70 Altersjahren, even many men to die without ever having known that they suffer from prostate cancer. This high average age should weigh but also younger men not in security.

Genetic predisposition, overweight, environmental factors, or nicotine are influences which very probably also younger men are sick leave. Age and stage of the disease to decide the form of therapy in how far a therapy ever performed and which therapy applies, decides after the final disease detection and depends on the age of the person concerned, but also his physical condition and the development status of the disease. Surgical treatment of prostate cancer surgery is the # 1 choice in many cases. The prostatectomy, the prostate and thus the entire tumor tissue is completely removed. Radiation therapy is considered as an alternative to surgery. It is then carried, if the patient through his general physical condition an operation would not stick out. Due to the radiation, the cancer cells will be destroyed. The radiation as additional treatment is applied in a proportion of patients, depending on the extent of the disease, after surgery to destroy any remaining cancerous tissue. Hormone therapy hormone therapy usually then finds application, in the event that the disease is significantly advanced stage of development.