or: What is to keep such promises exactly this statement I was told today by a customer. On my question why, he told this story: I am now 3 days dealing with the topic of private health insurance (PKV) and have interviewed four comparison calculator on the Internet, spoken to two consultants, had then called me. Three of the machines have recommended me this (Gothaer MediVita 500) tariff, another nor the rate of CVD by the Hanseatic League mercury insurance. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn by clicking through. I asked back as occurred because the “recommendation” and what criteria were created because underlying. The answer was “not scary” but as expected.

The prospective buyer told me on the following: “it was the excess should be how much, which supply dental treatment and replacement should be reimbursed asked. Continue to the asked me whether a performance for eyeglasses is important to me and of course even if I’m employed or self-employed. I have answered all questions and then there was the recommendation.” Let’s now once the criteria and the guidelines on and the rates: both tariffs offer of goggles replacement certainly, also dentures and dental treatment a sum will be contributed to X. Even a deductible levels is selectable. That would the criteria be met, or maybe not? The criteria here are completely unsuitable. Inappropriate because sufficient to even begin them unsuitable on the other hand, to choose private health insurance as a lifelong product. Imagine you wanted to conclude a contract for a home purchase instead of the car. The broker asks you what must meet the House because for requests and reply: “a Brown carpet must be in there remains at least a bath and… Oh, a roof must also have it.” It’s funny, or? Would you choose as your home? What about factors such as location, size, amenities, number and layout of the rooms and the like? All matter? Which of the houses would you do? < Find the colorful She dare something? Something to individually? That is, also the private Krankenversicherung (PKV) follows a uniform pattern, but is individually agree to personal needs.