Multiples Crisis

In the middle of this month – December of 2008- the Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon offered his press conference of year end. Which was its report? What can be hoped for the next year? Although each that we are about to begin a new year we made an effort for being positive and to maintain an optimistic point of view with respect to the future, they emphasize the words of the present Secretary General with respect to the 2008, that is to say, ” I have called it the year of multiple crises and the next one will not be less difficult. Our commitment and good intentions will be proven like never antes” , it commented. Why it said this? By the prevailing situation in Afghanistan, Iraq, Darfur, Zimbabwe and Somalia specifically. What happens in these places? Vmonos by parts, one by one. Afghanistan. With respect to this country They go emphasized the urgency of a change of Political Directorate because the humanitarian situation goes of evil in worse and more and more the attacks break out again and increase of insurgents. Iraq.

In order to begin, the world-wide population in its majority, we are abreast of the situation of chaos and insecurity that is lived there. Although the holder of the UN recognized that the security has improved throughout the present year, yes exhorted the leaders of the country to work united with ” reconciliation spirit while they assume the total control of the subjects of his nacin”. Darfur. By the words of Ban Ki-moon with respect to the conflict in this place, we can say, lamentably, that the solution to its problems still is distant. And in agreement with the annual report of They go this must to the confrontations and the political rivalries that the unique thing that obtains is to cause a climate of violence and insecurity for its settlers. Zimbabwe. With respect to this African nation the UN anticipates a very dark panorama in the next year because the country is outlined towards an economic collapse, social and political.

Somalia. Ban Ki-moon declared that already measures for the conformation are taken from one force of multinational peace, although at the moment has been no a positive answer on the part of some nations before the clear situation of anarchy that lives the country. In view of the previous thing, we include/understand better why of the following words of the Secretary General of the UN: The 2008 were a difficult year and the 2009 provide majors challenges.