Munich Walking

Sport ring and couch potatoes beware! Sports is murder!”heard frequently by those who move averse or too little. That sport was an or others not easily digestible, is out of the question. But that is not meant at this point. This involves a gentle endurance training the everyone – and especially the inexperienced-, new or returning, obese or otherwise restricted with ease can learn: Jolking. Without strain and stress building pressure. To allow clients with heart rate to 180 on the edge of the heart attack, diploma sports scientist Alexandra Schugerl does not, what with their Jolkern”has in mind. She has developed this pleasant motion method over several years and protected as own brand at the Patent Office.

To overspend, from zero to one hundred up to the stop is not goal-oriented for a long term stay tuned,”explains the fitness fairy. It must from the outset be fun and generate success.” And that their method is Jolking set up. I get everyone where he just stands there, doesn’t matter, where that is. I already people with 150 kilos of body weight have learned the Jolken with ease in no time”, the popular personal trainer in Munich reported beaming with joy. But exactly what is Jolking? It is a professional well thought out, coherent concept.

At the beginning are individual tests and analyses, as well as a pedestrian – and if necessary course correction. “Then follows the centerpiece: the training of third pace”, a combination of walking and jogging. Here, the Jolker learned the technique of transition between walking and running. Instead of hard impact after the flight phase when running a special rolling motion of the foot from the ankle joint by supporting knee movement. Therefore, the harmful shock is replaced by a joint relieved and even muscle stimulierenderes element. Even sore joints can be restored in this way.