Right Technology

Swimming needs to be learned – learn goes jogging on the joints, rollerblading is dangerous, not everyone – also like cycling but with what sport does you some good his body now, without placing a burden on him? The answer is simple: with swimming. The Internet health portal imedo.de informs: again it depends on the proper technique. Almost weightless, it glides when swimming through the water. But the gymnastics in the pool also seems so loose – back on land the knees, shoulders and the back pain some water sports. A healthy person does not break up the joints at the swimming”, reassured by the Institute of sport and movement medicine of the University of Hamburg concerned swimmers Professor Klaus-Michael Bangar. The sport is even particularly easy on the joints. Through the buoyancy of water exposure to body weight several times reduced”, explains Bangar.

Swimming athletes notice joint damage you feel joint pain during the swim, could stir more therefore that that long rested joints be moved now. This one noticed damage that already exist then”brewing man says. Whenever Joint Commission listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Especially the breaststroke is advised as problematic in disrepute. If one quickly performs the leg stroke in the breaststroke, the inner band of the knee is strained indeed”, confirms Bangar. However, this so-called breast swimmer knee performing only for athletes. Breaststroke needs to be learned but also lay people should be careful about this swimming style.

Many people simply not properly mastered the breaststroke and claim their joints may be incorrect”, Angelika Stern Darabi says of the German Association for physiotherapy in Cologne. The swimmer turns out especially the spine unnaturally and claimed they though he stretch his head swimming from the water. Also the knee be considered damaged if laypeople rather run the kick with the knee joint as as planned from the hip out”, says Stern Darabi. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Apollo Proton Cancer Centre. She recommends above all people with “Back problems rather the exonerating backstroke: also the crawl swimming is, if one really dominated it for knee and back healthier than a poorly executed Brustschwimmen style.” Swim often change the position many people toil after swimming neck pain. This is usually that the float is too cramped. The neck muscles to relieve something, you should not only just to pull his cars, but from time to time change the position”, dilyn advises. You could turn to the side and in the water and for a time continue to slide, and also a few strokes on the back were the stressed muscle of neck distraction. Another pollution problem that often occurs when amateur swimmers, is the so-called swimmers shoulder. In the typical action with palms turned outward the inner Leno muscle is trained strongly. His opponent, the outside Turner, stunted, however, a bit”, explains Bangar. Due to this imbalance could most Shoulder joint cause pain because the articulated head will not more stable moves. Who regularly swims, should make sure therefore to train both muscles, for example, with a band of gymnastics”, Banerjee says.