Third generation

Third generation in 2003 made their appearance in Pok mon Ruby and Sapphire for Game Boy Advance. In these new ions is a new region called Hoenn, and 135 new species of Pok mon, raising total to 386 pok mon. It has incorporated the concept of team battles 2 vs 2, pok mon contests and Pok block (Pok cubos in Spain) and new skills. In October 2004, went on sale Pok mon FireRed and LeafGreen, to be a remake of the first game, Pok monRed and Blue. The game is part of the third generation since the movements of the pok mon, objects and other features have been incorporated. In 2005 was released Pok mon Emerald. Unlike Ruby and Sapphire, Pok mon Emerald is possible in the two teams meet existing enemies (the Team Aqua and Team Magma), and new challenges as the Battle of Frontier (Battle Frontier).