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Free SMS To The Bildmobil Prepaid Card

Image-mobile 100 free SMS to the prepaid card gives new customers. The tabloid image mixes with already since some time in the hard-fought competition in the prepaid discount stores, could however not really come up trumps with its prepaid concept developed together with Vodafone. Although a certain number of customers gained via the way of the Bild Zeitung and other promotional activities thoroughly, in comparison with competitors offering Bildmobil not well cut off. While most of the other prepaid discount require only 9 cents a minute of conversation is here with 10 cent already something about Bildmobil. Joint Commission will undoubtedly add to your understanding. This price difference is however more clearly at the cost of SMS. Also requires a large part of the competition only 9 cents for an SMS at Bildmobil incurred 14 cents for the same performance, however.

In terms of purchase price for the SIMcard it could absorb Bildmobil but also in the past with many other providers. At a purchase price of 9.95 euro, the prepaid card offers already 5,00 euro start balances. On the first Look also here other discounters offer higher credits for the purchase of the SIM card, the advantage of Bildmobil lies however in the free delivery until to July 31, 2008 no shipping charges for the delivery of the start package. Hear other arguments on the topic with Does beyond meat taste like meat?. But now also Bildmobil launched once a featured action. SIM cards activated until the 08.08.2008 will be credited 100 free SMS. Thus Bildmobil offers all new customers at this time in addition to the free delivery and the starting balance of 5,00 euro 100 free SMS on top.

And in comparison to similar actions from other providers in the past, this SMS is not expire after a month or two, until after a full year deletes unused free SMS. Thus these prepaid offers action not only those much Simsern, the 100 SMS an advantage in the month, average you must be SMS only eight to nine month to need the full 100 of free SMS within one year. Due to the comparatively high cost of 14 cents per normal SMS the Bildmobil prepaid card is not really for the use of a permanent usage, especially not for much Simser, but as long as more free SMS are available, makes sense. At a purchase price of 9.95 euro and a starting credit of 5,00 euros, to be paid SMS only 4.95 euros, for the 100 what per SMS corresponds to a price of less than 5 cents in all mobile phone networks cheaper can’t you currently send SMS with a prepaid card.

Tested: The Multimedia Smartphone BlackBerry Storm From Vodafone

In addition to the many advantages of the multimedia Smartphone had smaller error new competition for the iPhone by Apple offers RIM since mid-November 2008 with the BlackBerry storm. The online magazine teltarif.de has checked the BlackBerry storm in the test through its paces. The BlackBerry storm has features such as touch screen and a range of multimedia applications and aims to design and multimedia-oriented retail. Although he offers many features and a very faster HSDPA support, the BlackBerry storm but get 3 G in terms of comfort and ease of use not on Apple’s iPhone. However, an advantage of the BlackBerry storm is the flexible tariff offer from Vodafone. Despite the good features of the BlackBerry storm the Apple cell phone WINS easier operation and the MultiTouch function compared with the iPhone 3 G by a “felt”.

In principle, the BlackBerry storm offers a faster HSDPA support, in the test, the Smartphone but ensures longer latencies, such as the slow page refresh in the built-in browser, long load times or disconnections in the Transition from UMTS to GSM networks. Furthermore, there are the E-Mail push service known from BlackBerry and GPS navigation available. Only the mobile phone and Bluetooth can be used for data transmission, a Wi-Fi interface is missing as opposed to the iPhone. In addition to preinstalled multimedia applications, such as the media player, which supports popular audio and video formats, additional applications can be installed on demand. The BlackBerry storm can with 1 GB internal memory and up to 16 GB microSD cards in relation to the space of the candle to iPhone 3 G. While the BlackBerry storm with Vodafone contract from 1 euro without SIM-lock is sold and is available even for 479,50 euros without a contract, so that interested parties can use the device more flexible. However iPhone fans, bind up that her cell phone at T-Mobile buy, at appropriate fares, need to book an additional service such as BlackBerry but not necessarily.

The Switzerland

Thus, the Switzerland-holiday-makers at home calling, per conversation minute saves around 1.03 euros and 90 cents respectively. Sparruf dial – up who drastically reduces the cost to the Sparruf dial-in node in the Swiss fixed network (032-510 7115) uses, can express its costs to about one-fourth of which is with the local prepaid card. Because it goes every call to the Swiss fixed network and costs with a salute! scooters “card only 14 cents (9.1 cents) per minute.” The cost for the Sparruf further connection to German landlines are also 3 cents in a German cellular network 15 cents per minute. Institute of Medicine is often quoted as being for or against this. How much to save is a simple calculation example: who paid with his German card from T-Mobile or E-plus in the course of a week for 30 minutes from Switzerland in the German fixed network phone, 44.70 euros. “Salut comes instead with a Swiss prepaid card with the tariff! scooters” used the fun euros only 13.65, saved: 31,05 EUR. The conversation about the Sparruf dial-in node in the Switzerland, runs then reducing the total cost to 3.63 euros. Whopping 41,07 euros are saved the cost with a German map which corresponds to approximately 92 percent. Sparruf CEO Nikolaus Sankar: The Switzerland-holiday-makers who uses his German map, can make phone calls, for example, for less than 15 euros for ten minutes after Germany.

If he takes the Sparruf service, he can be so twelve times for the same money more than speak for two hours as long.” Cheap international calls worldwide Sparruf maintains not only in the Switzerland-own dial-in nodes, but also in Austria, Italy and France. They are available within the respective country to fixed network conditions. The connection from there to Germany costs always 3 cents per minute to landlines and 15 cents in an any mobile network plus the respective cost of a call to the local fixed network.