Baobab Tree

Very soon, our diet can be supplemented with a cocktail, the main component of which is the fruit of a baobab tree! This is not a fad and not chase for extraordinary! This is the very nature comes to the aid of our health and longevity! But before presenting the drink itself, Baobab-life, let's look at the baobab and its miraculous properties! Talking about the baobab tree, many researchers often recalls a famous story about Saint-Exupery Little Prince, the hero is always trying to save his tiny planet from the roots of the baobab, because of growth where it cracked and fell apart. Baobab difficult to destroy: if blame baobab tree, he can live and grow up while lying down. If all its roots are pulled out, he let novye.Esli its bark is peeled off the whole or burned, he will restore it and will live on! That is such a strong craving for life, that's such an amazing regenerative abilities in this miracle tree! In tale says nothing about, how the Prince maintained his existence. Meanwhile, as noted by the same researchers, it could quite get it from the baobab tree is necessary. He could cook for the morning coffee roasted and crushed its seeds, and they are edible raw.

Baobab fruits of pleasant taste, rich in vitamin C and calcium. Dried shell of the fruit is dry and hard – completely replaces or glass. From the ashes of burnt fruit, saturated potash, obtained an excellent soap. Extract of the powdered fruit toppings women in East Africa wash his head, and red juice contained in the roots used to make skin soft and shiny.