The health page esando.de starts the action ‘Mannheim best doctors’ from October 23. The doctor’s visit for many is at the beginning of the common again on the subject. The health portal esando offers the physician search, the opportunity to exchange experiences with the doctor and in finding an appropriate healthcare professional from the experiences of other patients to get support. With the aim to create a high coverage and thus a particular added value, in the Rhine-Neckar region for patients the esando action starts the weekend”Mannheim best doctors. Drawn to the selection of a new doctor is for a problem which concerns every year several thousand students in Mannheim as a university town.”explains Ulrich Spindler, Managing Director of esando. We target with esando the removal of reservations, since the threshold to select a doctor at random from the telephone book, is much greater.” So the service that builds to invoice the growing mobility of society wear and increasing the attractiveness of the Rhine-Neckar triangle with a regional focus. Under the link mannheim was a city side established the Mannheim doctors and health practitioners can be found and submitted a recommendation. The action is made with over 70,000 leaflets carefully. Doctors and health practitioners will be offered free of charge on esando with picture to imagine or to refer to their Web site.