Essex Pharma GmbH

With a new Web site on the topic of modern substitution therapy for opioid dependence Essex Pharma GmbH offers addicts a way out of the addiction. With a new Web site, heroin withdrawal-hilfe.de on the subject offers modern substitution therapy for opioid dependence the Essex Pharma GmbH, the German subsidiary of the globally active US group Schering-Plough Corporation, drug addicts first way out of the vicious addiction. While the company provides therapies at the Centre where patients integrated rather than be stigmatized. Those concerned are thus protected from accusations, are under less control and more freedom as a result. See more detailed opinions by reading what Mental Health Care offers on the topic.. The innovative website includes all important question dealing with opiate addiction: disease picture, treatment options, and more. For the technical implementation of the new Web site is MedienKombinat GmbH Chemnitz agency”responsible. Text and design to the website communication and media GmbH by the UVA “from Potsdam created. The website based on the open source content management system Joomla! and various individual system extensions. Check out Joint Commission for additional information.

The site was built according to principles of accessibility and usability. So it is possible, for example, the font size to suit your own needs or to visit the site with alternative output devices. Further detailed explanations of technical terms can be viewed through a glossary. Also integrated the MedienKombinat”a proprietary component to the DocCheck authentication. DocCheck is the largest health portal for healthcare professionals in Europe. Thus, not only the General area of the patient, but also professional information available are expert users of the site. In a specially provided news section the interested professionals is also news on the subject.