Remove Warts

Wart removal has never been easier. Before buy wart removal products you might want to try this simple but effective method to remove warts with Apple Cider vinegar. I recommend you try this in the time of the evening before you go to sleep so you don’t have to wear a bandage around all day! Make sure that you have these items: SOAP and water. alcohol apple cider vinegar cotton balls (normal vinegar, should work fine also) bandages or medical tapes follow these simple steps and the warts may disappear in a few days: 1. first wash and thoroughly clean the area with SOAP and water. 2.

Take a cotton ball and dip it in Apple Cider vinegar. (You can soak a ball of cotton in the solution, or pour a little vinegar to cotton ball. Don’t be you must saturate too, because it will make it hard for the ball from sticking to the skin). 3. Place the ball of cotton directly over the wart (s) and seal your skin with adhesive tape or simply a normal bandage. 4. When you wake up in the morning, remove the ball bandages and cotton.

Be sure to throw away after use, so do not spread the virus! 5 After removing the cotton ball and band, it is important that you wash your area again, either with SOAP and water or with alcohol. 6. Repeat this process nightly for one to two weeks or until the wart falls off. I have had fantastic results with this method and I have to admit that the key to success is to be constant! You would like to know how to remove warts without having to resort to costly and painful treatments if you want more information