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Drug: As support for therapy or in specific situations, anxiolytics (generally benzodiazepines) are used. Social phobia appears in adolescence, with equal frequency between men and women. Gain insight and clarity with Howard Beede MD. The problem is fear of the ridicule in social situations as talking, eating, or act in public, ask information to strangers, etc i.e. when one is exposed to the valuation of others. It can be: generalized: in all social situations not widespread: only to one of them this phobia would be something like this as an extreme shyness, taking into account that shyness does not usually limit us both in our relationships as social phobia, and that, Furthermore, it tends to be generalized and social phobia may not be so.

This disorder can become very limiting, though fortunately, the most cases are not severe enough and are also limited to some specific social situation. The risk of social alcoholism (drinking to confront the dreaded situation, as public speaking) psychotherapy treatment: Similar to the of agoraphobia (gradual exposure, negative thoughts) and also teaches the patient to manage in the specific areas of social relations in which has problems. Drug: The most effective are antidepressants, especially the recent emergence in the generalized forms. If they are very concrete (fear of exams), beta blockers or benzodiazepines are used in a timely manner. Very common in children and women specific or simple phobias.

Fear of an object or situation specific: animals (is the most frequent) to natural phenomena (storms, darkness, the sea) to the blood, injections and injuries to other specific situations, such as elevators, airplanes, heights, etc to be so specific, that suffer them no they tend to seek help because they just alter their daily lives. If they require treatment use psychotherapy (similar to the previous techniques). The drugs are not useful. Visit salud.es to learn more about the world of medicine.