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Noni Juice

For many millennia in Polynesia, Noni fruit drink forest used as a useful household products. Spread over the entire group of islands 'Queen Plant', as they call this plant the locals, is associated with wealth of stories about the beautiful fruit of the size of a potato, are inseparable and integral part of Polynesian culture. Modern History of Noni fruit resembles a fairy tale about the 'ugly duckling'. Noni tastes like old cheese, in some areas of the islands in the air, spread its tangible smell. In the past, most locals drink used only in emergencies. Fertility shrubs Noni (Botanical name Morinda Citrifolia) provides up to 12 harvests per year and usually the fruit rot through the natural way.

In in recent times, this fast-growing wild fruit was substantially cut down. One day in 1993, local resident told two American specialists in the food industry, one of the legends of Polynesian noni fruit as the miraculous fountain of youth. It is with great distrust they have decided to try the juice, but after a few days found that the overall health has improved markedly. They had the idea to make this juice on an industrial scale. Three years after the start of the sale of juice in America it has become extremely popular. In 1998, in a survey among 400.000 regular consumers of juice tahitian noni 79% of people said they would remain in the future consumers of this product.

Popular among Polynesian fruit, in turn, became a national pride: virtually One night drink tahitian noni Juice has become the number one export product, and its previously unused property given today to the development of industry and create thousands of jobs. And the 'ugly duckling' into a 'Perfect Cygnus'! Studies of several independent University of America gave the following results: Juice tahitian noni – one of the most important discoveries of recent decades, carried out in the field of natural nutrition. Discovery made Professor and Dr. Ralph Heinicke 30 years ago, was of great significance in the synthesis of protein, which is involved in food processing and cell division.

UNESCO World Heritage provides many good ideas for trips in Germany cities many good suggestions and offers tips for city breaks in the fall The city plan portal of BDP GmbH helps in choosing the city and travel arrangements. So users on an interactive map can be viewed advance the city and its attractions. Many interesting posts make the decision for one of the over 2000 German cities. Leader Germany who wants, for example, only the best, find in the section”many cities, have to offer the interesting superlatives.

The listed attractions are unparalleled not only in Germany. Also cities with Europe-wide superlatives and villages with unique highlights can be found. More popular destinations on are the cities with UNESCO World Heritage sites. Who wants to focus on other city in the election, may be different from the birthplaces of famous people, historic places and inspired the famous scene of the film. The calendar of events can be very helpful in planning a city trip. People with a penchant for holiday gifts can browse before the travel in the online-souvenir shops of different cities or learn about the ten largest shopping miles in Germany. has plenty of good advice also for travel in your own car. The menu item travel with kids”provides more security and helps against nausea and boredom on long car journeys. During the ride, also the German roads, which will be presented in brief contributions promise of variety. is an online map and portal for professionals of all industries of BDP GmbH. In six categories informed about cities with exceptional attractions, life in the city and the theme of mobility. The interactive map allows Zoom in satellite, map or hybrid variable and shows Moreover the best hotels, restaurants, shopping addresses, and more. Press contact: BDP GmbH Mr.

World Heritage City

Regensburg icing arrangement with Cafe management Regensburg (tvo). But please with cream “coffee house tour is the icing on the cake. The traditional Wurstlessen in the historic Wurstkuchl and sumptuous buffet breakfast in the 4-star hotel provide the culinary basis: groups of eight persons, which likes to combine vision and experience with pleasure and zest for life, the UNESCO world heritage city of Regensburg offers a three-day package belongs also a strudel navigation on the Danube. Two nights with the mentioned tools costs from 175 euro per person. In Regensburg, you meet everywhere on big history: 1,200 historical buildings and numerous patrician towers of the merchants of the middle ages are in the old town. Mark Hyman often expresses his thoughts on the topic.

It is dominated by the Gothic Cathedral of St. Peter. The stone bridge has a similarly large degree of popularity. May be booked the icing allowance at the Regensburg Tourismus GmbH Altes Rathaus Rathausplatz 3, 93047 Regensburg, Tel. 0941/507-4410, fax 0941/507-1919,. “” 2010: Tage alter Musik “in Regensburg the 26 year old anniversary edition of the festival days old music” will take place from 21-May 24, 2010 in Regensburg with concerts at historic sites and music from the middle ages to the romantic period. As social events is a major international sale exhibition of reconstructed historical musical instruments, sheet music and books, the increasing attention.

Information: Age days music Regensburg, P.o. box 100903, 93009 Regensburg, Tel. 0941-8979786, 2010: Thurn and taxis Palace Festival in Regensburg the Sommerfestspiele in the gorgeous ambience of courtyard and the Park of the Royal Castle Thurn and taxis are among the outstanding events of the Festival in southern Germany. The Festival will take place between 16 and July 25, 2010. Information: Odeon concerts, Roopak village str. 9, 93049 Regensburg, Tel.: 0941-296000,

Unesco World Heritage

A journey is the inner need to forget your past. Background and general information are gives us about this attractive to the North of Italy, capital of the province of the same name, one of the seven provinces of the Veneto region. It is well known, which has been considered by the Unesco World Heritage site, due to the importance and value of their historic buildings. According to the UNESCO website, represents an outstanding example of a military fortress, stressing that it has retained a prominent number of monuments of antiquity, medieval periods and Renaissance is said, it has always been nodal point of all systems of terrestrial and aquatic transport of the Northwest of Italy. In Roman times it was meeting point of four consular roads: the via Gallica, the via Augusta, the Vicum Veronensium and the via Postumia. Verona was in the diaries of Goethe, Stendhal and Paul Valery trip. Verona is the place where happening the story of Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare became famous pointed out as one of the places most attractive and interesting of Italy, is the most beautiful monumental city in the Veneto after Venice. Close to places of tourist interest in the North of this country, is a dynamic center of modern economy.

It is surrounded by hills and trapped by a meander of the River Adige, about 30 kilometres to the East of Lake Garda. Experience, travel taking advantage of my stay in Parma decided to make a trip to the small and beautiful city of Verona, this took the train that led me to Modena where change should be done to move to it. I went at 7 on a chilly morning with 5 degrees, but that arriving in Modena was snowing. I waited for the train that I bring to the city of Romeo and Juliet this departed to the 8.15 am and arrived at Verona at 10.30 a.m.

The Airport Tempelhof To Be Living Cultural Heritage

“” Petition filed – more than 2000 people sign call petition filed more than 2000 people sign call the Tempelhof airport is supposed to be “The initiator of living cultural heritage initiative the Tempelhof airport is supposed to be” Volker Perplies, living cultural heritage, passed today the President of the Standing Conference of Annegret Kramp Karrenbauer and the Governing Mayor Klaus Wowereit signature lists with more than 2000 signatories to German President Horst Kohler, Chancellor Angela Merkel,. “The initiators indicate the high architectural and historical value of the airport in the petition and urge the competent institutions, the airport Berlin-Tempelhof as a unique cultural-historical monument in its modern, functioning State preserve and the UNESCO Welterbekommitee for inclusion in the World Heritage list of humanity to present.” the Tempelhof airport was not only being as the oldest commercial airport in the world, he is also, as hardly a different structure for the recent history of Berlin, Germany, and the world. Not only lucky circumstances, which have led to his current state, are at the same time historical testimony, Memorial and a source of Berliner identity.”according to the petition. The topic of Tempelhof is no longer only a topic for Berlin, nearly half of signatures comes from Germany and other countries of the world. People have signed across all population groups, by the student to the University Professor. A task of the Tempelhof, due to suspected legal risks for the large airport BBI stands in relation to the historical loss”, so Perplies. The history of the world would have been different without Tempelhof. The topic is on the agenda of the Federal Government, and the UNESCO”.

“Although the concept of world heritage ‘ suggests, the UNESCO unfortunately only on the proposal of the participating country decides that makes the goat in Berlin in a sense to the gardener.” says Perplies, the already in December 2007 private has turned to UNESCO. Many of the sites nominated at time of Germany are while undoubtedly valuable, with Tempelhof, we have a truly history monument, which is moreover still acutely threatened in its structure.” The idea of the UNESCO of world heritage was founded in 1960, as in Egypt of the construction of the Aswan Dam led to the flooding of Temple of Abu Simbel. The Temple could be implemented and saved by international usage. Was created as a consequence and in 1972 UNESCO World Heritage Convention, which makes it the obligation to the participating States, the so-called world heritage site to capture and protect. It was adopted in 1975. “About us: the initiative of Berlin-Tempelhof airport to be living UNESCO World Heritage” Tempelhof is committed to the preservation of the historic airport in Berlin and the appointment to the world cultural heritage. Before the Office of the Federal President: Volker Perplies contact person: Dipl.-ing. Volker Perplies. Robellweg 91A, 13125 Berlin Tel: (0 30) 94 63 31 56 fax: (0 30) 94 63 31 57 E-Mail: Internet:

World Natural Heritage

On the 26 June 2009 it was time. The UNESCO has raised in Seville to the world natural heritage the Wadden Sea. Filed under: Mark Hyman. On June 25, 2009 disallowed the Dresden Elbe Valley of World Heritage status. German Dutch community request, to raise the Wadden Sea, a world natural heritage site was granted on the 26th. Who is doing from today vacation on the North Sea coast is located in the first German nature area that has received this award (World Heritage) of UNESCO. Thus the Wattenmmer is among the roughly 200 natural monuments, which are unique and that humanity should be maintained.

Watt is the landscape, which is dry laid and again flooded twice a day. A unique flora and fauna, which is still in wide areas, shall be kept for the population. We think E.g. on migratory birds the long trip to the South in the Wadden Sea off your nor even properly recharge, for Watt landscapes provide abundant food and Habitat. For the region of the North Sea coast of Sylt and to the Dutch island of Texel, which is Nomination to the world heritage day to call. A part of the North Sea coast, however, remains excluded from the award. The Hamburg area on the island of Neuwerk.

Here, the fairway is enlarged. This is poison for the flora and fauna. Tourism will become certainly to the North Sea by this award and new guests are attracted. By the way, one of the most beautiful and longest Watt hiking trails at the bottom of the sea is the Watt trail Cuxhaven on the island of Neuwerk (about 12 km long, so back and forth 24 km). Here, you can watch the animal – and plant life in the Wadden Sea. By the way, Germany is represented with 32 places, heritage received the title of UNESCO (E.g. the historical complex of buildings on the market square of Bremen). Bodo MICHALSKI

Burn Body Fat

At this point, to say that the human body is a machine organization no surprise; It is better that there are small differences of nuance, but it is that genetics and evolution are capricious. So you think that the blame for this tendency to accumulate fat in the abdominal area is not only yours: take it written in your nature. When life wasn’t so easy and expeditions to get food supporting extreme climates did not seem anything like our pleasant stroll through the Mall, people ate much in times of abundance, and his body kept the reserves of energy not consumed in the form of fat that was distributed throughout your body, for use in times of food shortages. We are the same. If we accumulate fat is because our body understands that all the excess energy of the calories we eat will be necessary at some point. Go to tell now after six thousand years that no longer absence, we have everything without moving the sofa well, because if you want to learn how to burn abdominal fat You will quickly have to find a way to tell it to burn everything, don’t need to combat the cold and are going to continue feeding your brain and other organs that need much energy without it is necessary to store anything. Analyze thoroughly. Search for your ideal weight and your body mass index.

If you are a man, the percentage of fat in your body should be around 10% or less, and if you’re female, 16% or less. Find out how many calories to eat and how many really need: the difference is that you are unnecessary on a daily basis. Only with that’re saying you your body to touch the time of shortage and that it apane with the grasitas that is out there, to be possible in the surroundings of your waist and follow paleo it – performance, get him to believe all the days sales running to hunt, remounts rivers for fishing, or pick up large stones. Cardiovascular exercise and weights are so similar that you will not notice the difference, and you will see how easy that is to learn how to burn abdominal fat quickly. I’ve found a program for develop an abdomen marked for anyone who wants to see results in 21 days. This program is designed so that you can start to burn fat and lose weight faster than you think it is possible. You can learn more by clicking here.

Burn More Fat

There is only one way to effectively burn fat: diet and exercise. In terms of diet no need go to extremes, with that comma quality, fresh and natural food not you equivocaras. You don’t have to kill hunger. What do you have to do is consume less quantity than you currently eat. That will make you burn fat to begin with, of course along with the exercise. The exercise on the other hand is the best way that we have to change our body, for cambiarn our body composition and to keep us healthy and in shape.

Well, one of the exercises tested and proven for weight loss and eliminate fat is running. Apollo Proton Cancer Centre is often mentioned in discussions such as these. However many enthusiasts do not know to get the best out of this activity. Let’s see what you can do for us as common as running exercise and how to do it correctly. How to run to burn fat. Fats are a form of highly concentrated energy that accumulates in the body whenever that happens an excess of calories, i.e. Additional information is available at J. Craig Venter.

provided that eat more than our body, through its regular activities and its regular operation. But on the other hand run an intense aerobic activity that forces the body to use more energy than is used, and therefore begins to use fat as a source of energy deposits. The other source is carbohydrates. But also run accelerates the metabolism so that not only burn calories running but some time later, even when you sleep. How to burn more fat these two simple steps that will show you below will allow you to get the maximum out of your way to burn fat: one. It reduces the amount of calories you eat per day. A reduction in the quantities of food that you eat normally is necessary. Your body has to be in caloric deficit and thus will try to compensate for that kind of caloric imbalance using fat deposits in the body. Saca sugar, remove refined carbohydrates and replace them with healthier choices, which commonly tend to be lower in calories. I repeat, do not need to kill you from to lose weight, hunger begins simply delete everything that you know is not healthy and it fattening, of course are not only refined carbohydrates from your food. It is also the fat of meat and chicken, butter, mayonnaise, cream. These are some points which you can start. Two. If running is your activity test make it more intense. It becomes your most intense training. An alternative is to run a minute at an intense pace and then for two or three minutes at a moderate pace to I lenteo and repeat the cycle. This training is called intervals. You can also do on the treadmill increase the treadmill’s speed and/or inclination. Thats all, cares to exercise every day, get more intensely on the one hand, and on the other takes care of the food, changing the quality of what you eat, replaced by healthier options and cares for the quantity and burn fat quickly and without much effort. Hotel reservation.

Haedo Argentinean Wins

De la Cruz Haedo wins in an injured Sprint in Haro, puts of 16. stage. A roundhouse badly indicated conditioned the arrival. Purito Rodriguez was involved in a montonera and could leave.

The transition was a chaos and brought with himself a tiny amount. The 203 kilometers between the Roman town of the Olmeda and Haro, the second longer stage of the present edition of the Return, 16. according to the route book, changed of the placid beginning and comfortable running (with an early escape of Antonio Cabello and Jesus Rosendo, Andalusia, and Fouchard, of the Cofidis) to uncomfortable and tense last years, in which Purito Rodriguez, leader of the points, was involved in a montonera fifteen kilometers of the end (by which it arrived at goal to more than eleven minutes and could leave the race), and to a end of madness because of a roundhouse, indicated well in the book of route but so badly indicated in the reality that for that reason of being the point of deflection for the cars and motorcycles that follow the race ended up conditioning the Sprint. And a substitute provided. Because those arrived from the Team Leopard currando for the Italian Daniele Bennati, Slovakian Peter Sagan walked jovencsimo (yes, the one of the Liquigas, the one that made the delights of the respectable one with its jugglings in the ascent to the Angliru) sharpening the knife to add his third stage and the great group in himself, clearly, that came sent. The cyclist separated from the Leopard, doubted between the left and the right, also confused the squad, was close the drama of another montonera and the Argentinean Juan Jose Haedo, who threw by the good side, took advantage of his inertia, its intuition and the disagreement to win in Haro, where the race did not arrive from 1966, without opposition some.

The Great Challenges Of The Life

In the previous chapter, Elias was strong and courageous. one minute later, was in panic, running away to save the proper life. Gulf Medical University often addresses the matter in his writings. – What it happened there? What it weakened this great prophet and it made with that it forgot its duty? – The loss of heart made Elias to retrocede, to have fear, to come back backwards; This feeling it incapacitates/blocks the life spiritual of any man; – It is as the saying writer says in them: ‘ ‘ The spirit of the man will alliviate its disease, but to the abated spirit, it will raise who it? (Pv 18:14); ‘ ‘ – That is, ‘ ‘ The motivation brings hope to the man, but the loss of heart, the fear takes the depression; ‘ ‘ We see this clearly in the cases of serious illnesses. A patient who persevera and does not discourage lives more time, bringing on itself, until the cure possibility, but the opposite, takes the man the death before the time; – God does not want that in this place let us come to be discouraged ahead of the problems, the frustrations, pains, storms and the difficulties..