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Psychiatric Reform

For analysis of the harvested information we will take as reference the following theoretical productions: Schmitz, (2005); Steven; Lowe, (2002); Barros, (2006); Lamb, (2001); Souza (2003); among others that they had contributed for the enrichment and construction of the study. It is in this context that we search information for elaboration of the article; making possible promocionais, preventive and educative methods for carriers of mental upheavals. 4,0 RESULTS AND QUARRELS In view of that the psychiatric reform was born with the objective to surpass the stigma, the institutionalization and the cronificao of the mental sick people. The present article observed the necessity of humanizao of the customer service of the service of mental health, the territorializao of the attention devices and the construction of diversified alternatives of attention. Thus, the practical assistenciais must potencializar the subjectivity, auto-esteem, the autonomy and the citizenship.

Ahead of the context, this study it provided to activities of leisure to the users and other people, so that they shared of new social spaces, where had flowed affective relations and so that the society learns to coexist the difference. thus, to demonstrate that the paper of the nurse is of therapeutical agent and the base of the musicoterapia is the relationship with patient the understanding of its behavior. In this manner, we evidence that the objective of the psychiatric nursing is not the clinical diagnosis or the medicamentosa intervention, but yes the commitment with the quality of daily life of the individual in psychic suffering of the user. In this direction, one expects that the nurse is prepared to act in the new models of attention, assuming new tasks and adjusting it the happened changes of the current politics of effective mental health in the country. As for the offered cares it must respect and to receive the difference of the psychotic one, it must be perceived as a human citizen and not as a to be subjected symptom; moreover, the exercise of the ousadia, the creativity and the joy must be always associated to the therapeutical activity.

Corporal Fluid

If the inflamed language is of dark red color in all the space of the mouth, is before an excess of heat in the heart and bao. If the inflamed language is of dark violceo blue color, that is an indicative of toxicose. A fine language is minor and, clearly is, finer of what the normal one. A fine and pale language indicates deficiency of Qi and blood. Frequently John Craig Venter has said that publicly. A thin and very red language indicates hiperatividade of fire due the deficiency of yin in which if they consume the Corporal Fluid. A language of entrecortadas edges indicates that the Corporal Fluid is being consumed for excess of Heat. A entrecortada language can be something completely normal if gretas is not deep and if they keep without important changes.

A called language as spine or graphically represented by the symbol (papilas gustativas if inflames to such point that to the tato they seem spines) and red indicates accumulation of internal pathogenic heat. The more profuse either the pathogenic heat, more dilatadas and profusas will be. A language pie is a pointer of apoplexy or precocious signals of accident vascular brain or embolism. A rigid language lacks of flexibility and is difficult of if moving, retracting or to fold. A rigid language in combination with some illness feverish exgena frequently indicates the invasion of the pericardio for heat, muddy retention of fleuma in the interior, or extreme pathogenic heat that consume the corporal fluid. A rigid language in combination with some endogenous illness indicates embolism or precocious signals of embolism. A limp language if moves weakly, frequently, it indicates extreme deficiency of Qi or blood, or consuming Yin fluid, which deprives the language of nutrition. If the language is limp and ademais pale, this indicates deficiency of Qi and blood. If it is of dark red color, indicates collapse of yin.

Low Fat Diets

Then, she understands well that we do not have to never exclude the carboidratos therefore they extremely play an important role in our organism, therefore is through them that our cells get energy to carry through the metabolic functions (Movement). I will teach some tips where you will be able to emagrecer but without eliminating the carboidratos therefore this practical to eliminate the carboidratos alone will give health problem future. But if you to want to total make the 100% diet of the carboidrato eliminating it, will have to mainly follow the scratch in first the 48 hours since the cetnico (they are component soluble) starts to act and the hunger sensation is intense and in this hour you will only go to consume the foods that carboidrato does not have. When the cetnico to act it will use the energies that had been stored and it it will only go to act if no carboidrato will not be consumed. First I will show to which the foods that can consume, but is important that vocs they know that the diet of the carboidrato does not have to exceed the period of 30 days, the diet it must be made of 15 in 15 days and has that to have a space of 3 days between the end of the first fortnight and the beginning of the second, certainty, then we go there. Green Abobrinha Acelga Watercress Water with gas natural Water tonic Water diet Lettuce Asparagi Tuna Birds Oil Olive with I temper in general Cod Bacon Eggplant Broccolis Coffee Shrimp Carangueijo Meat Caviar Onion as I temper Carrot Tea Chicory Chuchu Cocaine light Mushroom Borecole Borecole flower Spinach Chicken Gelatin diet Jelly diet of strawberry Gin Guaran diet Jil Lobster Lemon Sausage Butter Margarina Mussels Turnip Omelette Oyster cooked Eggs Fish Cucumber Pepsi light Pepper Chili Ham industrialized Cheeses Gumbo Radish Cabbage Salt green Salada Salaminho Salpico Parsley Sashimi Soda water diet vegetable Soup Clight Juice Sukiaki without pasta Tomatoe Trident String bean.

Ration Human Being

Ol! This seems to have turned a fever in the country in all the places if it hears to say on the such Ration human being, etc, etc It is a Brazilian invention, more necessarily created of Curitiba.O food in itself consists of a variety of worn out grains, esfarelados, etc. What it promises then the ration is a species of miraculous advantage in the search for the loss of fat. But I find that we must look at more than close and tantar to find the truths for backwards. Of beginning we know that the name Ration goes against the proper definition, a time that a ration would have that to total supply the nutricionais necessities of a person or animal. Moreover, as well as wisely mentioned for the doctor Alexander Feldman, it finishes negative impactando in some aspects in the organism, because of the Antinutrientes strangers! These contained antinutrients estao in the grains that are part of the ration human being and when consuming of the form who is made in the ration, them are harmful to the health in some aspects. This subject is very complex and ample, however I will not go to only comment more on this but as an example, these grains very possess delicate oils that are oxidated easily when the grains are worn out or esfarelados. The ingestion of these oxidated oils is negative to the body in some directions, also collaborating for a precocious aging. To if searching in the Internet on the subject, it is possible to find many depositions of people who had not had a very positive experience with the ration human being.

this is said with reason therefore especially for people, for example, with intestine ‘ ‘ solto’ ‘ , it is dissuaded, conditions among others special. Even though in a site of a manufacturer of the ration, she consists that people walk complaining of alterations in the organism there and them they strike with an explanation pra of infantile. As well as the Dr. mentions Alexander Feldman, who wrote a text on the subject, if you already have a balanced feeding with staple fibres and all more, she does not have necessity some of inclusion of the ration! This it does not go to still help in its emagrecimento and for causing negative impacts to the health! Something is certain! The company of the emagrecimento makes richnesses vendendo ration human being, exploring those that search a magical form of emagrecer! Even though the creator of the Ration has a company pra to vender the product! other companies still manufacture funny variations as ration with green tea, colgeno, etc. To conclude, as well as said for the Dr. Educate yourself with thoughts from Academy of Art University. Alexander, I do not recommend nobody the ration human being!


Beauty, aesthetic and surgeries strong are emphasized in the culture contemporary. The standard of Socially acceptable beauty is taking practises it disorderedly to the people aesthetic as: Compulsory surgeries, plastic and diets, in the attempt to reach the beauty standards taxes for the society. Historically the image is concentrated with the beauty, the health and youth. With this perception of beauty the current image of the body invaded the dimensions that are losing the control. Unsatisfied adolescents, men, women with its ' ' eu' ' they finish not measuring efforts to any cost for the pleasure to have a sarado body. But in the social visibility fashion became to appeal to the surgeries to decide its problems.

Without concern to the inherent risks the plastic surgeries. The body model, today, reverenciado for the society is practically unattachable for the majority of the young. Fact this that this making with that they search, of the night pro harmful day, ways to arrive in this ' ' body ideal' '. The example is the increase of ingestion of drugs that speed up the severe reduction of weight and diets. From there it comes the alimentary upheavals, as bulimia and anorexy. The young is blind and alone they enxergam ' ' body perfeito' ' tax for the media. Many times are in IMC (Index of corporal mass) the normal one and exactly thus find ugly fat people and. The Race for the search of the beauty imposed for the society leads not to be imported with the consequences only aiming at to the beauty, loses limits viciadamente submitting itself it surgery. Our project wants sample the people the perigos and disadvantages of surgeries and this search for the search of the beauty imposed for the society of today.