European Hospitals

Flymedic informed on medical tourism Congress really in Budapest about opportunities in the treatment of foreign patients who are growth rates in the global medical tourism tremendously more and more patients travels online portal for a dental treatment Hungary, for an eye surgery such as LASIK to Istanbul or Prague health has evolved to undergo cosmetic surgery to a global commodity. It is estimated that approximately 300,000 patients from Germany can be annually abroad treat. The cost explosion in the German healthcare system with their sometimes considerable co-payments represents an enormous burden for the insured, it is obvious to look for alternatives abroad. Conversely, the health site Germany also benefits from medical tourism. Be foreign patients mainly from Russia, other CIS near States, the Arab States and the this EU foreign inpatients and outpatients in German hospitals and practices provide. Medical tourism is already a significant economic factor by The EU supports. If you are not convinced, visit Proton Cancer Centre. So it is not surprising that advertise numerous providers in European countries to foreign patients. But the market of the international provider is confusing.

“Treatment-willing tourists of medicine track in this jungle” to facilitate the European Internet platform was founded in 2008 flymedic with the aim to offer comprehensive information to abroad available medical treatments. Through the platform, also the booking can be made on request of flights and hotels. flymedic helps to the targeted preparation of travel through checklists, informed about the special features of the respective countries and offers a transparent price comparison. The offer not only is aimed at German medical tourists flymedic holds an own page for Russian prospects recently. Because especially the Russian upper – and middle-class discovered the German health market for themselves. The future of German health industry lies in the East”, says Florian Jager, Managing Director and creative head at flymedic. For the first time is flymedic real this year also as an exhibitor at the European Congress on health tourism represented. After the great success of the opening ceremony 2008 in Munich takes from 1-4 April 2009 instead of the second large Congress on the topic of medical tourism in Budapest. As a scientific platform in medical tourism and at the same time international marketplace for service providers in the health sector and tourism, the Congress offers extensive possibilities for information.