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Sergei Popkov

At a concert in Novosibirsk in the summer, the 1997go Yegor Letov meets Natalia Chumakova (before they met only once at the funeral of the Yankees), which soon became the bass guitarist group, as well as his wife and faithful companion of Yegor to the last days. In the 1998th year in the group there is a new director – Sergei Popkov. Prior to that administered by the former wife of Yegor – Anna Volkova. The previous director Eugene Sins "disappears" after a round of "Russian Breakthrough" with the money. The problem of organizing concerts group whose musicians live in different cities throughout Russia from Siberia to Moscow, was that in addition to the fee, significant expenses are travel expenses. GO Tours in Russia were formed so as to binding performances in Moscow and St. Petersburg, who beat the way from Siberia and other concerts were staged in small towns.

These tours are scheduled every spring and autumn. Even in the absence of new albums, and often normal advertising and concert posters, all the cities, "Civil Defense" steadily gathering halls. The tour group were mainly in order to earn a record album, the device for the home studio, new books and records, which were purchased on their return. In the late 90s the group has matured, "the crisis ended." Wife of Constantine Rowan gets an apartment in St. Petersburg, and in 1997th year he moved there from Omsk. Jeff lives in Moscow. In concert, always GO changing composition, a solo guitarist performs a Kuzma, then Jeff.

Cerro Castillejos

Sierra Alpujata is a small mountain range of the lace mountainous coastline, with a maximum altitude of 1,074 meters above sea level, situated between the Sierra Blanca and the Sierra de Mijas, in the province of Malaga, Andalusia, Spain. It separates the Valley of the Guadalhorce of the Costa del Sol and the municipalities of Monda and Coin, to the North, Mijas, Ojen, in the South. It has its highest point at the top of the Cerro Castillejos (1,074 m). Learn more at this site: Howard E. Beede. By its mineral Constitution is a very unpopulated sierra of vegetation, despite several attempts of reforestation with pines and eucalyptus. The predominant vegetation is formed by junipers and mount low. Its coordinates are 36.602829 -4.789579 Volcanism is the remains of an old submarine stratovolcano that formed along with those of the Sierra Blanca and the Sierra de Mijas, which also has its volcanic history. His (volcanic) crater is noticeable by air and is more or less immense. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Mark Hyman, MD.

To the East, and gluing the main volcano, there is another cone that same as above, also has a crater very visible. As all round, this massif composed of peridotite. What is formed when still, it was under the sea. The massif of round, including sierra Alpujata emerged to the surface when Spain collided with France. Also there are formations of dikes. Exploded the saw to remove several minerals such as iron, nickel, lead, talc and dunite; but the mineral magnetite were the sierra star. useful for the manufacture of building materials and blast furnaces. Hillclimb El Castillejo for the Albuqieria tour hard and long.

More than 21 Km of continuous ups and downs. 9 hours of kicking. How to get there: If you’re coming from Seville or Ronda: nothing more enter in Coin to your left leaving the area of the Fairgrounds, will reach a roundabout, where you should take towards Marbella-Monda and about 500 m from the end of the village on your right find you bar-restaurant stone cross, Ashen color.