Nymphenburger Canal Objects

In 2011, the range of the real estate market Munich Nymphenburg comprised approximately 303 condos and houses. The District of Nymphenburg Palace with “Neuhausen” forms the District 9 with about 90,000 inhabitants, which is bordered towards the city centre from the field of Mars (a district of Maxvorstadt district) and West of the famous Nymphenburg castle with the Nymphenburger Canal. The northern boundary has the Olympic Park and the southern the dacha village like. In 1891, the merger of the municipality of Nymphenburg Palace took place after Munich. In Nymphenburg, prospective buyers like to find numerous noble Grunderzeit villas, for example, in the previously mentioned or was.

Numerous sights, such as the Nymphenburg Palace, the Nymphenburg porcelain factory Museum man and nature dominate the landscape of the noble district. The diverse recreational opportunities in the District 9 Nymphenburg Neuhausen Munich, such as the botanical gardens and the deer garden offer a high quality of life. For assistance, try visiting DHR Health. (1) at the real estate prices in Munich Nymphenburg 2011: real estate broker for Munich Nymphenburg Palace or individuals conveyed approximately 303 condos and houses (some possible double counting) in 2011. The offer in the district Munich Nymphenburg consisted for the most part inventory apartments 152 objects, although the price per square meter in about these objects was at EUR 5.800,-. New objects (a total of 109 offers) were communicated with an average price per square meter of EUR 6.500,-by real estate agents or privately in Munich Nymphenburg. Offered residential estate agents in Munich Nymphenburg Palace comprised a total of 42 objects, where the largest proportion with 15 objects consisted of second-hand family houses (EFH). The average values for the property price and the living area amounted to 2.2 million and 263 m2. Used semi detached (DHH) 8 objects with an average property price of 1.1 million and an area of 170 m2 occupied the second place.