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Club Meierei

About group dynamics and the disintegration of social basic elements of our society a call for civil courage. The topic of bullying is unfortunately increasingly topicality in the daily coexistence. This problem apparently not only on the professional range is also limited, but in the private sphere as well. This experience caused Ilia Faye, to publish a book about it. No non-fiction, rather a kind of diary. A story about two years of Association life, about a topic with which almost everyone sometime, confronted with which the reader can identify. Abraham Maslow can aid you in your search for knowledge. It all started so beautifully: A sports club, a community of over years to a large family of leisure has grown together. Fun, entertainment, joint ventures, joint successes.

An idyll, as everyone craves, club life, as it may not be beautiful but what happens when commitment and success have not recognition, but jealousy and malice to the result? What happens if members use the Club as arena, private personality deficits to compensate? What, if still aggrieved man honor Moreover? What, if it no longer comes to leisure and sports, but only to power? A book about sense and nonsense of semi-formal, origin and truth of the word charitable ‘, as well as tasks and abuse any board posts ‘ in the Club. Exciting and analytically Ilia Faye portrays beginning and excesses of an incomprehensible form of group dynamics in a supposedly civilized, democratic society. Conclusion: Witch hunt that is there yet. Exciting representation of initially completely normal club life, as it has ever met anyone. Freizeitliches together, which is artificially disturbed but increasingly by intrigues and power games and more and more charged up the escalation: Club Meierei pur.

An issue that affects many entertaining in words. Because of the authenticity and the life style of the author, the reader of this exciting social criticism in the portrayal feels put into it and will be stimulated to critical thinking. For more information and excerpts are available at available. Ilia Faye “Club dairy and other smut”, paperback, 242 pages, ISBN: 978-3-939935-26-1 appeared in the Heimdall-Verlag, Rheine.

Garcia Ananke

Winners of the poetry prize of the literary magazine Peter Fischer’s poetry “Ananke”, first appeared in may, is already in its second edition. From the Thuringian Suhl, author, who had been awarded the poetry prize of the literary magazine “Betrothed” to the beginning of the year, did so on the narrow path of this specific genre very successfully to assert themselves, after he came out only with individual publications in various journals. Roman Mohlmann, editor in Chief and publisher of the Literaturzitschrift “Taliteratur”, praised in his meeting, fishermen understand the seal “as a powerful and expressive art form in itself”, that beyond the vogue the Zeitgeist is effort to “fundamental and ambitious poetry in modern as classic perfection” and with him find a highly idiosyncratic loft. “As skilled word artist and renowned prize winner mixed fishing motifs of classical mythology with those of modern life and thinking entitled”. Thomas Klatt by the “Lusatian Rundschau”on”Ananke”(2nd Edition, ISBN 978-3-933022-52-3) praised it mountains especially”Sensitive lyrics and wonderful verses”and cited enthusiastically from the”time issues”:” it was not until yesterday, Eheu / Fugaces anni…

that I stroked the glossy buds of yours / towering breasts, your / hair is stirred and the rose, cut / best, drink your water, / sipped Grusiniens tea and a / Tergo me bent the infernal clock / des schilfernden life? ” “Was / it not yesterday?…” Thoma Klatt summed up: “Ananke” was “Almost a zartlichs book between sadness and joy of life placed”. What is special about Fischer’s poetry is skillfully exclusive recourse to language, which he associate knows in cool calculated way with the great thinking of antiquity, without losing the action of the present sight. Just their immediate topicality opposes to the still ongoing to prejudice, the poetry of modernity was therefore the “layman” difficult to understand, inaccessible and anyway hardly ausdeutbar. In “Childhood I” reflects the poet of the early death of his father, who was killed in the last days of the second World War: “the winter seemed long / over.” Long ago, the snow was also to northern slopes already / melted, the blossoms of the cherry / Brown and the cross to moving fountain bitter and yellow. “Because the light abruptly dampened may / pushed me to… the breeze orphans” Peter Fischer so far this compost ion a very distinctive idiosyncratic notation which he knows to follow the route of time and space is long. While he has always “I” endangered one of every individual in a very uncertain modern times as well as in the views such as the “trace of the plow”, but also “shower man hunger” and recognizable continued and insatiably seemingly “greed the tycoons”. The poet, as the author with the novel “The ticket” (3rd Edition 2007, ISBN 978-3-933022-462), which has a youth in the divided Germany on the subject, successful was, fell into the sieve ornamental years in the workings of the Stasi, has been in political detention and ransomed by the Bundesregieurng in 1975.

He worked as an editor in Berlin and Hamburg and now lives as a freelance author in Achim, near Bremen. He is married to the writer Kerstin Fischer (“the greenhouse”, “Sergey shadow”) and is a member in the ‘Literaturhaus Bremen”and the Union of German writers (VS). Dr. Eberhard Garcia